Teen Gifts Sold Out PlayStation 5 to Young Neighbor Battling Brain Cancer

Jason Duaine Hahn
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When Angel Ortero's mom won a PlayStation 5 in a raffle recently, it was a dream come true for the 16-year-old.

The popular gaming console is one of the most coveted items this holiday season and remains hard to find in stores three weeks after its release. It's is in such high demand that gamers have bought the $400-500 machine for upwards of $2,000 on eBay.

But, instead of keeping the console for himself or reselling it for profit, Ortero, a junior at Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, did something different with it — he gifted the PlayStation to his 10-year-old neighbor, Sonny Boyd, who is battling cancer.

"Me being a 16-year-old kid I was just excited to play it, but... I thought [about Sonny's] happiness being at such a young age and what he's been gone through," Ortero told WPVI.

Sonny recently underwent surgery to treat his brain cancer and is healing after suffering an injury to his leg. Knowing how much the young boy was going through, Ortero felt it was more important to make Sonny happy than himself.

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Sony PlayStation 5

"I just think all the materialistic things aren't important as the smile I could put on his face," Ortero told the news station.

Sonny's mother insisted on giving Ortero cash for the console, WPVI reported, and the teen accepted the money to send toys to children in the Dominican Republic, where his grandmother is a pastor.

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"I wanted that gift to be from me to Sonny," Ortero said. "So, I took the money, bought as many toys as I could. I will be donating them to my grandmom."

The selfless act by Ortero stands out at a time where shoppers have been going to great lengths to secure the gaming console for themselves. A 20-year-old customer in California recently camped outside of a store for 36 hours to buy one.

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"I'm just keeping in mind all the hard things going around, the pandemic, all the struggles people are going through," Ortero told WPCVI.

"If I could use my blessings and spread it with others just means the most to me."