Teen Facing Charges For Damaging School Property Says He Never Wants To Go Back To Juvenile Detention

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Trenton says the first time he went to juvenile detention, he was 11. “It sucked,” says the 14-year-old who insists he never wants to go back. Trenton is currently facing possible felony and misdemeanor charges of theft, destruction of property, and trespassing. He admits to damaging school property and stealing a handicap parking sign from the parking lot at his school. “He doesn’t like juvenile hall, but it doesn’t seem to be enough of an influence to stop his behavior,” says Trenton’s mother, Heather. She admits to parenting Trenton out of guilt and says she’s “terrible” about giving him punishments. How does Trenton respond when Dr. Phil asks him to name five things in his life that he is most proud of? Watch Wednesday’s episode, “‘Social Media Challenge Got My Teen Expelled,’’’ to hear what Dr. Phil advises Trenton he can do to help make amends for the damage he caused. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. WATCH: ‘I Know I Was Being Stupid, And I Regret All Of It,’ Says 14-Year-Old Admitting He Damaged School Property TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Kids in crisis?