Teen Denies Dad’s Claim That She Physically Attacked Him After He Took Her Phone

Sixteen-year-old Kimberly says she hates her mother, Kim, wishes her dead, and admits that she once wrote a “murder plan” in her journal to shoot Kim and her husband while they slept. She claims that Kim is a “delusional drunk” who isn’t much of a mother, and that she left most of the parenting to Kimberly’s older sister, Kasey, after divorcing their father, Todd, several years ago. Kimberly also claims that Todd gets “blackout drunk,” and alleges he attacked her while she was staying with him. Todd, who admits he is alcohol dependent, adamantly denies Kimberly’s claims. He insists that he was defending himself from her when she physically attacked him after he took her phone away. “When you take her phone, it’s like taking a piece of her heart away from her body. She goes ballistic and just flails at you,” he says. When Dr. Phil says, “So you’re the hero in this story then,” how does Todd respond? Watch the video above to find out why Todd, who has joined the discussion via video conference call, abruptly shut off his camera and leaves the conversation. And later, Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist and retired Medical Director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, weighs in. When Dr. Phil refers Kimberly and her sister, Kasey, for help, do they accept? Watch more from this episode here. Dr. Phil airs Monday-Friday. Check here for your local listing. WATCH: Why A Teenager Says She Beat Up Her Mother TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is your teen a wild child?