New Tech ‘Orion’ Optimizes Game Streaming Performance

Newly announced technology known as “Orion” will optimize game engines for faster streaming, as revealed at Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference on Sunday evening.

Streaming games will be faster and require less use of bandwidth with Orion, according to Bethesda and id Software’s presentation. The game engine-based technology can reduce latency up to 20% and reduces the need for bandwidth usage by up to 40%.

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Since it’s not a hardware solution, Orion can be used with any streaming platform, whether that’s Stadia, or xCloud, or otherwise.

Orion was originally announced by Robert Duffy, id Software’s Chief Technology Officer, and James Altman, the Director of Publishing at Bethesda Softworks, at the Bethesda E3 Press Conference. The tech was then demoed on stage using “Doom 2016.”

“We leveraged our extensive experience in game engine technology to tackle streaming from a different angle – the game engine itself,” Duffy said, according to an article on Bethesda’s site. “We wanted a faster, better streaming experience for players, at the level of performance intended by the game’s developers, and at reduced cost and expanded reach for streaming providers. Orion delivers on those goals and will vastly improve streaming video games.”

Those interested in giving Orion a try can sign up for a trial right here.

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