Your Tears Will Ricochet Watching the It Ends With Us Trailer

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Originally appeared on E! Online

BookTok is in for a big treat.

After all, the first trailer for It Ends With Us—the Blake Lively-led movie based on the polarizing Colleen Hoover novel—has finally arrived.

In the May 16 preview, Blake appears completely transformed as Taylor Swift's "My Tears Ricochet" soundtracks her character, Lily Bloom, opening a flower shop with her friend Allysa (Jenny Slate). Soon, Ryle (Justin Baldoni)—Allysa's brother—enters the picture, and the pair begin a whirlwind relationship.

However, as the teaser continues, Ryle and Lily's picture-perfect relationship begins to turn sinister—with shots of Ryle acting aggressive and breaking glass. Meanwhile, Lily is reacquainted with a flame from her past, Atlas Corrigan (Brandon Sklenar).

Finally, the preview culminates with a lingering decision that Blake's character will face in the upcoming film, as her character narrates, "As hard as this choice is, we break the pattern, or the pattern breaks us."

It Ends With Us, the 2016 novel, took TikTok by storm in 2021, and follows 23-year-old Lily Bloom as she works through the death of her father—who abused her mother—and begins what she presumes to be her dream life.

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After all, she's finally opened the flower shop she's always dreamed of, and soon enough begins a relationship with neurosurgeon Ryle—who, on paper, is her perfect man. However, Lily soon begins to discover that Ryle is not who she thinks he is, and the patterns of her past may be more difficult to unlearn than she expected.

And Colleen—who has also penned It Starts With Us and Verity—executive produced the upcoming adaptation, and couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out.

It Ends With Us, Blake Lively, Jenny Slate
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"Everyone involved has been so dedicated about making this adaptation as faithful and heartfelt as possible," she explained to People last month. "It's been a true team effort, and I can't wait for those who loved the book to see the movie and experience the magic they've created on the big screen."

And while fans will have to wait until August 9 to see It Ends With Us hits theaters, keep reading to see more highly anticipated book-to-movie adaptations—some of which you can watch right now.

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