Team Reba McEntire: ‘The Voice’ Season 24 photos, bios, artist rankings

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Reba McEntire, the undisputed Queen of Country, replaced Blake Shelton in his big red chair for the 24th installment of “The Voice,” which aired in Fall 2023. She is a three-time Grammy winner who has a history on the singing show, as she previously served as the mega mentor for every coach in Season 23 and Season 8, and helping out Team Blake during Season 1. Now that the Season 24 blind auditions, battles and knockouts have concluded, can Reba prevail on her first coaching stint on NBC’s reality TV show?

Tour our gallery above (or click here for direct access) for a closer look at Team Reba McEntire on “The Voice” Season 24, including photos, bios and artist rankings. Also see our features for Team Niall Horan, Team John Legend and Team Gwen Stefani.

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1. Jordan Rainer (4-chair turn) — TOP 12

Hometown: Atoka, OK

Jordan got off to a rocky start with her transition to adulthood. She found herself homeless, carless and jobless at 24. She eventually was thrown a bone from a friend who owned a donut shop, and once she earned enough money, she moved to Nashville and secured a publishing deal. It wasn’t until about five years ago that she discovered she could pursue a career in singing as well. Jordan has only had one octave range due to a condition she was born with that affected her vocal cords. However, in recent years she’s been able to get vocal therapy and coaching to correct the problem and can now sing in a five-octave range. Jordan has opened for the Eli Young Band, Hunter Hayes, Craig Morgan and Luke Combs. Jordan has also written for former “Voice” winner Sundance Head, who has performed her music at the Grand Ole Opry and sent her single to No. 1 in Texas.

2. Jacquie Roar (4-chair turn) — TOP 12

Hometown: Granada Hills, CA

Being raised by a single mother, Jacquie understands the struggle as well as strength and hard work because of her upbringing. At a young age, she created her first business doing odd jobs and even invited other teens to work for her. Keeping her momentum as an entrepreneur, Jacquie is now the successful business owner of her own wedding DJ company. She has sung the national anthem for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, Alan Jackson, Kelsea Ballerini, Martina McBride, Brett Young, Dan + Shay, and more. Four years ago, Jacquie started a band and has been gigging out whenever she can at bars, weddings, casinos and festivals. She performed at the Oregon Jamboree and also at the famed Ponderosa Lounge & Grill. Jacquie commands the stage with high-energy performances and powerhouse vocals. When she’s off of the stage, she enjoys family time with her boyfriend, Jesse, of five years, her daughter Leilani and her bonus daughter, Georgia.

3. Ruby Leigh (4-chair turn) — TOP 12

Hometown: Foley, MO

Ruby is one of 68 people who live in a tiny town in Missouri. At just 4, Ruby and her parents survived a horrific tornado that nearly killed her parents. From that day on, Ruby struggled to be apart from them and she opted for homeschooling to stay close. At 9, she discovered her love of country music when she overheard her dad listening to Guy Clark’s “Dublin Blues.” Determined to learn the song, she had it memorized the next day. Her first competition was put on by St. Louis Cardinals player Adam Wainwright. She came in third place and has been hooked on a music career ever since. Ruby is an accomplished aspiring country star and has performed with Vince Gill, the Time Jumpers, Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee as well as doing pre-shows for Clint Black and Tracy Lawrence. She also had the chance to sing on stage at a Lorrie Morgan concert.

Jackson Snelling (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES

Hometown: Austin, IN

Jackson had a unique childhood that presented several challenges for him and his brother, Dawson, who were both adopted by two loving parents. Unfortunately, their father passed away when they were young, leaving their mother to raise them as a single parent. Both brothers have autism – Jackson experienced sensory and behavioral challenges while Dawson struggled with severe cognitive difficulties and didn’t speak until he was 7. Despite these challenges, Jackson and Dawson shared a love of music that brought them closer together and became a way for them to communicate. Jackson received his first keyboard at 13 and started performing professionally in the last four years. He’s also a prolific songwriter and released a song and music video titled “Please Listen,” dedicated to his late father. Jackson is passionate about giving back to the community and donates his time to various charities, including Autism Speaks, the Boys & Girls Haven and WHAS Crusade for Children.

Angelina Nazarian (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

At the age of 17, Angelina has lived in six countries around the world due to her dad’s job. As an expat, she’s learned to adapt to new cultures, languages and schools. Most recently, she lived in Dubai and has been inspired by the city’s culture. She’s fallen in love with Arabic music and says it’s influenced her sound. Music was always a constant, no matter where Angelina traveled. Whether she was on vacation in Thailand or at school in Shanghai, she’d find a place to karaoke or an assembly to perform at. The biggest crowd she sang for was a cousin’s wedding of nearly 300 people. She recently graduated high school and has been accepted into Berklee College of Music and the University of Michigan.

Al Boogie (1-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES

Hometown: Mansfield, LA

Al didn’t receive a chair turn on Season 23 and now he’s ready for a self-proclaimed “Boogie Comeback Tour.” Al wasn’t expecting the rejection last season to hurt the way it did. When he returned to Louisiana, he turned to comfort food, sweets and alcohol to ease the pain. By Christmas, he had packed on quite a few pounds. It was a wakeup call and with the help of his wife, Stacey, he started dieting and exercising. He’s down 55 pounds and says it’s not only improving his mental and physical health, but his singing too. To prepare for this season, Al has been trying to gig as much as possible, performing both solo and with his band, Ole Whiskey Revival. In the back of his mind, Al’s family is always there, but this time he’s going to lead with confidence.

Dylan Carter (4-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES

Hometown: Saint George, SC

At a young age, Dylan picked up his uncle’s guitar and immediately discovered a passion for music. Dylan’s uncle heard his potential and signed him up to sing at school. It was Dylan’s mom, Julie, whose dream was for Dylan to pursue music, and she even took him to Nashville. Dylan didn’t have the confidence to pursue music full-time, so he found a job in real estate. Last year, at the age of 47, Dylan’s mom died unexpectedly. Since her passing, Dylan has struggled to carry on, but with the support of his amazing family he’s ready to turn her dream into a reality and chase a career in music.

Crystal Nicole (1-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN BATTLES

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Crystal has already made her mark in the music industry as a successful full-time songwriter. Crystal is the brains behind Rihanna’s song “Only Girl in the World” and has written hits for Mariah Carey, Beyoncè and Monica, along with many others. Growing up, Crystal used songwriting as a form of therapy. As a small child, Crystal overcame years of domestic violence, and it got so bad one time that she and her sister called the police for help. That night resulted in her mother spending weeks in the hospital, but making a full recovery. Sadly, Crystal’s mother passed away five years ago from ovarian cancer, but did have a chance to meet Crystal’s now 5-year-old daughter, Haven. Haven is the light of Crystal’s life and can’t imagine a world without her.

Alison Albrecht (1-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS

Hometown: Novi, MI

Born to two engineers, Alison stands out from the rest of the family. Her parents gifted her first guitar and she quickly learned to accompany herself. Before she knew it, she was gigging out all over the Detroit area and even ventured to Nashville and played at the famous Bluebird Café. By the time Alison was in sixth grade, she’d already opened with her original music for the Steve Miller Band in Detroit. At 14, Alison won a contest where she was awarded studio time, a producer and a booking agent. With this prize, she made her first EP and even started hearing her songs on the radio. However, she didn’t think music full-time was an option after high school, so she went to the University of Michigan for biopsychology, cognition and neuroscience. By her junior year, she started performing as much as she could via livestreams and gigging. Now, she’s lived in Los Angeles for over a year and has been gigging and recording nonstop.

Rachele Nguyen (1-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS

Hometown: Lakewood, CA

Rachele’s parents first discovered she could sing when she was 2, when they realized she was singing along to the Vietnamese music her dad would play in the car. At 9, Rachele had the opportunity to participate in a Vietnamese singing competition show and became known in the community. The show sparked her interest in performing and she’s been singing for people ever since. As much as Rachele loves singing, she also loves playing piano. As a first-generation Vietnamese American, Rachele keeps her culture alive by learning to speak, read, write and sing in Vietnamese with help of her grandma. She can’t wait to represent her culture on the show and inspire other young Vietnamese girls.

Caitlin Quisenberry (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS

Hometown: Denver, CO

Coming from a family of southern Baptist preachers, music came easy for Caitlin. After finishing high school, she went onto Pepperdine University to study philosophy. She was then accepted to law school with her eyes on becoming a music lawyer. While waiting to start law school, she randomly posted herself singing on social media and it caught the attention of a producer in Nashville. This led her to debut her first single on CMT and finally she was able to see a life for herself as a musician. Once in Nashville, Caitlin taught herself all the tools to market herself and be a successful businesswoman in the music industry. This led her to start her own music consulting company to help creatives build sustainable businesses. Currently, getting her company off the ground is her priority, but she continues to perform around town at writer’s rounds and works in the studio to produce her own music.

Elizabeth Evans (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN KNOCKOUTS

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Music has always been a safe haven for Elizabeth. Even when her home life felt overwhelming as she grew up with divorced parents, Elizabeth could turn to music. At 9, she got the courage to sing with her mom while she was leading the church choir. Eventually, Elizabeth joined her school’s orchestra, which sparked her love for instruments. She learned to play the violin, piano and guitar. At 12, Elizabeth began songwriting and developing her own unique sound. Elizabeth’s mom attended Belmont University up until her pregnancy with Elizabeth. When it was time for Elizabeth to attend college, her mom showed her Belmont’s campus. Soon after, Elizabeth attended and graduated from Belmont. She initially declared her major in songwriting, but now she hopes to land a publishing or record deal to release her own music. Currently in Nashville, Elizabeth writes music for TV shows and film placements with various songwriters in Music City.

Tom Nitti (1-chair turn) — LEFT FOR PERSONAL REASONS

Hometown: New Hartford, NY

Tom grew up in an Italian/Puerto Rican family with his parents and his sister, Celene. Exposed to a wide range of musical genres from an early age, he was inspired by Motown artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and The Temptations. At 18, he taught himself to play guitar, but he put his musical aspirations on hold to join the military after graduating high school. Tom was stationed in Germany and deployed to Afghanistan where he sustained injuries and was awarded the Purple Heart. After his military service, Tom followed in his father’s footsteps and joined law enforcement. Tom served as a New York State Trooper for eight years and now trains new troopers at the New York State Police Academy. Tom’s passion for music has remained constant and he gigs weekly. He has opened for artists such as Craig Campbell, Hunter Hayes and Chris Janson. Aside from his two kids, Tom’s biggest supporters are his mother and grandfather.

Noah Spencer (3-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN PLAYOFFS

Hometown: Richlands, VA

Noah is from a town of 5,000 people in the heart of Appalachia. It’s a small, close-knit community where everyone goes to the high school football games on Friday nights. Noah’s parents realized he could sing when he was just 2. Singing in church and picking up the guitar throughout his childhood led him to land a gig hosting a restaurant’s open mic night when he was 15. That’s when he realized he could make money gigging. Now, Noah’s in college part-time and gigs a few times a week at bars, restaurants, breweries, festivals, hotels and events. Appalachian music is full of string instruments and Noah’s sound is true to his roots. He and his dad have collected more than 32 stringed instruments. Noah lives at home and commutes up to four hours in a day to perform throughout Virginia. His dream is to be a songwriter and a touring artist.

Ms. Monet (2-chair turn) — ELIMINATED IN PLAYOFFS

Hometown: Pittsburg, CA

Fifty and thriving, Ms. Monét is the oldest in the competition and her experience backs up her age. Touring as a background vocalist, Ms. Monét has been a professional singer since she was 17. She’s been on the road making a full-time living in music for the past 33 years! She’s toured the world and has booked background gigs with incredible artists such as Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Eric Benét, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Queen Latifah. In Las Vegas, Ms. Monét has performed as her own artist and even has a few songs of her own. She’s also a radio personality for a jazz station. Ms. Monét has sacrificed everything for her own career and wouldn’t change a thing. After three decades of singing backgrounds for huge stars, however, it’s now her dream to take center stage.

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Launch Gallery: Team Reba McEntire: 'The Voice' Season 24 photos, bios, artist rankings

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