Teach Your Dog to Read Cue Cards and Identify Colors Through PetSmart's New 'Brain Games' Class

Courtesy of PetSmart

Unlocking your dog's intelligence could be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

PetSmart recently introduced a new 6-week training program for dogs called "Brains Games." In the course, canines have the chance to learn "mind-blowing skills and smart behaviors" — like reading cue cards, learning to count, and identifying colors — while pet parents "gain deeper insights" into how their dog thinks, according to PetSmart.

"Brain Games is based on dog cognition, the process of acquiring, processing, and choosing how to use information. Choice is essential for the behavioral health of both humans and dogs. The foundation and goal of Brain Games is to give your dog choices and build a deeper understanding of their minds and personalities," the company adds on their website.

Brain Games works to expand a dog's understanding of more complex ideas and the concept of choice by introducing the pup to different games. These games include a pet-friendly versions of the shell game, hide and seek and more.

Courtesy of PetSmart

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Through these games, owners and trainers can teach dogs desired behaviors like acting calm when meeting a stranger and exhibiting patience when waiting for an exciting event or treat.

Courtesy of PetSmart

Allowing a pooch to exercise their right to choose can also help form a stronger bond between dogs and their owners. The Brains Games class is designed to help dogs develop a physical language that they can use to communicate with their owners about their personal preferences and when they are interested in participating in a task.

Courtesy of PetSmart

Before you can unearth the intelligence your dog is waiting to share with you and sign up for a Brain Games training program, PetSmart has a few requirements. Brain Games' canine students need to have completed an intermediate level training program at PetSmart (or demonstrate comparable skills covered in those programs) before they can sign up.

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Additionally, dog owners will need to provide a current copy of their pet's vaccination records, a selection of their dog's favorite toys, a four to six-foot leash, and a regular collar for the class.

To learn more about the Brain Games training program, visit PetSmart's website.