TDE Signees Ray Vaughn and Isaiah Rashad Team Up for "Dawg House"

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Image via TDE
Image via TDE

Long Beach native and Top Dawg Entertainment signee Ray Vaughn has teamed up with his labelmate Isaiah Rashad for his smooth new track, “Dawg House.”

The slick but brief track sees the two rappers flaunt their chemistry, perfectly completing the subdued production by Rory Behr. “Dawg House” follows the release of “Mannequin” back in June, which featured the young rapper getting more introspective before dipping into a higher register to match the switch from a more stripped-back beat to something more manic. Prior to that he also released “Picking Cherries,” and all three tracks have seen him go for a distinctive approach unlike the last.

Almost exactly a year ago today, TDE announced Vaughn had joined the TDE family with the arrival of his Peer Pressure EP. “I’d love to tell you how I created the project, but to tell you the truth, to revisit the place of brutal honesty these songs came from is a chaotic process,” said the 25-year-old rapper. “Don’t take me too seriously, honestly, just learn to have fun.”

Listen to “Dawg House” below.

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