TDE President Punch Believes Music And Society Have A “Blatant Demonic Influence”

Top Dawg Entertainment President, Terrence “Punch” Henderson, has some thoughts about what’s happening within society and music.

In a series of tweets from Sunday (Aug. 27), Punch shared, “The demonic influence is getting more and more blatant in this thing. The gradualism was numbing, now it’s just out loud.”

His sentiments didn’t directly address anything in particular, but coincidentally came on the heels of Doja Cat unveiling her new scythe tattoo and Miguel suspending himself from a pair of hooks in his back during a recent performance.

The label executive later made a biblical reference, adding, “I mean… it was written.”

When questioned by one fan who asked Punch if he “rejected demons” or just disliked “being obvious with it,” Punch responded by stating, “This whole system is wicked.”

The conversation caused quite a stir in his quote tweets with fans arguing, “This industry is ironically hilarious” and asking, “I wonder if the same Hip-Hop fans and tastemakers who are upset with Doja’s recent single were also upset when DMX titled his debut It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. Or if they cared that he was sitting in a tub full of blood for the cover of his sophomore release.”

The California native seemed to be unaware that people were “upset” with the “Attention” rapper, but did express that he “wasn’t into what X was doing with that.” However, he did clarify that he isn’t isolating a specific person or situation.

After seeing the discourse unfold, Punch wrapped things up when tweeting, “Wait… is demonic like one of them words you can’t say? I didn’t know that was off the table for discussion. My fault.”

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