TCA’s First Question Was a Dig at Quibi

Welcome back, TCA. You wanted to be back in-person for the first time in three years? That means you also invite some awkward questions. In this case, the very first question asked directly to a panel of talent at the in-person Television Critics Association press tour included a dig at the short-lived mobile streaming platform Quibi and actor Kiefer Sutherland f0r doing one of the shows on it.

Paramount+ hostws the first day of TCA 2023, and the first show to face the fully masked press room in Pasadena, California was the upcoming “Rabbit Hole.” After a brief intro from the co-showrunners Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (in which Ficarra accidentally told the room the show premiered in May and not on its actual date of March 26), journalists got the chance to ask questions.

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One from all the way in the back wanted to know how doing a streaming show on Paramount+ compared with doing a big network television show like “24,” and he noted to Sutherland that he seemed willing to take chances with his roles and reminded him that he did a show on Quibi once, right?

Yep, we’re back. Perhaps some networks had a good idea to stay virtual. For those wondering, that show was “The Fugitive,” which also starred Boyd Holbrook, Natalie Martinez, and Glenn Howerton. Sutherland gracefully ignored the Quibi remark and said that while the principles for filming any series are the same, one season of “Rabbit Hole” represented just a third of a full season of “24.”

He added that streaming carries its own privileges in terms utilizing language or violence as necessary. “We’re not as restricted in what kind of stories we can tell,” Sutherland said. “[‘Rabbit Hole’] was as great of an experience as I’ve ever had in my career.”

“Rabbit Hole” is an espionage thriller about a world of conspiracy and a character responsible for using information to manipulate people who now finds himself caught up in a web of mystery that isn’t what it appears. Sutherland compared it to movies like “Three Days of the Condor” and said it’s a very timely story considering how we have so much information coming at us from all different directions.

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