Taz Reflects On The ‘Very Difficult Gig’ He Had Before Making It In Wrestling

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When wrestling fans begin a conversation about ECW and hardcore wrestling, one name that will always be mentioned is WWE veteran Taz. The current AEW commentator took to social media to remind himself and his fans about his previous job before he became one of the top stars in the world of professional wrestling.

The current AEW star has achieved a lot in his career as a professional wrestler. Taz is a multi-time WWE Hardcore Champion and a one-time WWE World Tag Team Champion. The Human Suplex Machine has currently retired as an in-ring competitor. But he still plays a major role in the business as one of the commentators on AEW Television.

The wrestling veteran recently took to Twitter to share his story of who he was before he could taste success in the are of professional wrestling. He mentioned that he used to work installing railroad tracks. He also stated that it was a very difficult job to do.

“I worked installing railroad tracks in the elements for several years before I “made it” in wrestling. Very difficult gig. When I get really mad at the wrestling biz, I try to remember those years,” Taz tweeted.

Following his tweet a fan wondered if he would still hit the gym after his work. Taz replied by stating that he always did hit the gym to pump iron and during his vacation he would spend time wrestling.

“I hear what you’re saying, but believe it or not… Back then I went to the gym after work every day. I would get off the clock at 4 PM, and drive right to the gym. I would use my vacation time to work wrestling dates throughout the country,” Taz tweeted.

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