Taylor Swift's Handmade Eras Tour Backstage Pass Is Something Out of a Lavender Haze

Taylor Swift is hoping to make the whole place shimmer.

After all, the "Lavender Haze" singer didn't scrimp on colorful decorations when she crafted an all-access pass for her dad, Scott Swift, ahead of her widely anticipated The Eras Tour. As seen in a photo of her creation shared on Instagram Story March 16, Taylor used gold foil letters to spell out "D.O.H. Pass."

"Dad of headliner," the 33-year-old noted on her masterpiece. "All access."

Taylor jokingly added in the caption of her post, "Made my dad's tour credentials. We are a small family business."

But the Grammy winner wasn't the only one who was getting crafty backstage. In separate posts, Taylor shared that her family was busy bewjewelling her guitar.

"Was my Eras Tour crystallized Fearless guitar made by: A) Artisans and finely trained craftsman, B) A Professional musical instrument manufacturer, C) My parents with Super Glue and a free afternoon," she asked rhetorically, adding, "...It's not not C."

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The accompanying photos showed Scott and mom Andrea Swift gluing silver gems on a white guitar. In true Taylor tradition, a "13" design was added to the front.

Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour is set to kick off on March 17 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., which has been temporarily been renamed Swift City in honor of the pop star. She will be joined by guest performers Paramore and GAYLE.

Ahead of the tour, Taylor announced that she will be dropping four of her previously unreleased songs—"Eyes Open (Taylor's Version); "Safe & Sound (featuring Joy Williams and John Paul White) (Taylor's Version)"; "If This Was A Movie (Taylor's Version)" and "All Of The Girls You Loved Before"—in celebration of the concert series.

Taylor Swift

And if that wasn't a sign Taylor is all fired up to hit the stage, she recently wrote on her Instagram, "In my Eras era."

She's definitely ready for it.

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