Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Has Reached The Adult Diapers Phase, And There’s Video

 Taylor Swift in the music video for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) screenshot
Taylor Swift in the music video for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) screenshot

It was a tough road for many fans when it came to acquiring tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Ticketmaster’s presale snafu proved just how high demand was for the global superstar’s first tour in five years, and she hasn’t disappointed. Swift has been hitting the stage in stunning outfits for three-plus hours at a time at various venues around the United States, and fans have started taking pretty extreme measures to ensure that they don’t miss a single moment of her 44-song setlist. Swifties have been taking to social media, admitting that they’re wearing adult diapers to the show under their clothes.

Taylor Swift’s fans, for the most part, know what they’re getting into when they show up for an Eras Tour show, and that’s over 180 minutes of some of the hottest music to ever grace the airwaves. But there’s a delicate balance at play, as concertgoers need to stay hydrated — with many surely wanting to enjoy the night out with some adult beverages — without spending whole chunks of the evening waiting in line for the restroom. Some fans seem to have found the solution, and they’re taking to social media to show off the lengths they’ll go to for their fandom:

Now, are adult diapers really necessary to get through a Taylor Swift concert? In most cases, no. As many in the comments pointed out, three hours isn’t that long of a time to just hold it — though individual bladder size and, again, beverage consumption need to be considered. Also, the entire setlist — save for the surprise songs she plays each night — can be found online, so Swifties could theoretically pre-plan a bathroom break around a couple of their least favorite hits.

I suppose, however, there’s no harm in having a backup plan, and the audience members above weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the incontinence products. Another TikToker admitted she also took pre-emptive measures against her bladder:

She doesn’t exactly look very comfortable, though, right? I have to wonder how well the diaper strategy works in practice.

Many fans in the comments section of this post admitted that they planned to or had at least thought about employing the same strategy, and I get it. The Eras Tour is a big damn deal. Fans spent a lot of money on tickets, and the last thing you’d want is to be stuck in line for the toilet when your favorite song starts playing (I’ve been there). And while the setlist remains (mostly) the same each night, there have been plenty of unscripted moments that Swifties wouldn’t want to risk missing out on.

During one of her Nashville stops, Taylor Swift was spotted mouthing a secret message to rumored beau Matty Healy, and then there was that viral moment in Philadelphia, when she stopped singing “Bad Blood” to defend a fan from a security guard. Missing one of those headline-making events might be even worse than missing the song(s) you went there for.

Whether fans choose to strap on an adult diaper, temporarily forgo all liquids (not recommended), or risk missing part of the show, there’s still plenty of upcoming Taylor Swift music to look forward to. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is set to drop July 7, with two more album re-releases possibly not far behind.