Taylor Swift Has Worn 4 Must-Have Pieces from Cassey Ho's Viral Activewear Brand—and We Need Them All

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Taylor Swift has been breaking records left and right with her recent release of The Tortured Poets Department, and those records aren't limited to music. Recently, Swift posted two YouTube Shorts, and viewers couldn't help but notice (and rightfully obsess over) certain styles worn by her in the clips. Those athletic pieces are now being purchased by Swifties and fitness lovers alike, leading to record-breaking sales for Cassey Ho, the founder of the athletic brand PopFlex (powered by Shopify, the leading global commerce company).

"The past couple of weeks have been a literal dream," Ho tells Parade, explaining how she was just as surprised and thrilled as other fans of the brand to see Swift sporting her designs.

"I don't know if she saw a TikTok and was influenced or what—I have no idea, but it was a complete shock," she adds. That shock continued as sales for "Taylor's pickleball skirt" increased 600-700% after the first video was posted—and now, preorders have reached over 10k for the "lilac short skirt, the one that fits me like skin," as the "imgonnagetyouback" song seemingly references.

Swift is nothing but intentional (she is a Mastermind, after all), so it would be no surprise if there was a lot of intentionality behind not only purchasing and supporting Ho's business (Ho met Swift back in 2014 at one of her "Secret Sessions"), but wearing multiple, specific styles in these uploaded clips.

Pointing out how Swift is so big on supporting original work, Ho thinks it's especially impactful that she first wore the Lilac Piroutte Skort that has "been ripped off from me for so many times by SHEIN" and other brands that have tried making dupes.

"I did a video to her song 'Karma' back in January of me finally getting awarded my design patent and so it's funny because, in a lot of comments I read, it's like, 'Oh, Karma is a Lilac Piroutte Skort worn by Taylor Swift,' and it's just full circle," Ho tells Parade. "And I don't know if she knows that, but this runs so deep for me, because the validation, her support, it's truly amazing."

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Taylor Swift Has Worn These 4 Viral PopFlex Activewear Styles

So, let's get into it: the four stylish PopFlex products Swift wore in her YouTube Shorts include the Pirouette Skort, Twirl Skort, Corset Bra and Crisscross Hourglass Booty Short.

Pirouette Skort (Cassey's Version), $60

Currently available to preorder, this popular high-waisted style (with pockets!) is expected to ship in August.

Twirl Skort, $54

According to PopFlex, after Swift's second YouTube Short, there was a 949% increase in sales in this particular skort. This style is high-waisted with built-in shorts that have pockets and a wide waistband "that does not pinch."

Corset Bra, $44

The low-cut bra has removable pads and a criss-cross back design to make you feel so flirty and empowered, there's no way you'd want to be "down bad, crying at the gym."

Crisscross Hourglass Booty Short, $45



Currently sold out in sizes XXS-L (but still available in XL-3X), you can request to be notified when they become available. PopFlex shares that this comfy style is "anti-cameltoe," "squat-proof," has a "booty shaping heart seam," and has two side pockets. What more can we ask for?

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