Taylor Swift’s ‘TTPD’ Library Pop-Up in L.A. Has Easter Eggs About Ex Joe Alwyn and More

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Taylor Swift hid tons of Easter eggs in a pop-up event for her upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department, at The Grove in Los Angeles. The TTPD library, which opened on April 16, 2024, and was hosted by Spotify, featured various exhibits that represented the record. Fans noticed nods to Taylor’s ex Joe Alwyn and more.

What Easter Eggs Were at the ‘TTPD’ Pop-Up?

One of the first Easter eggs that fans noticed seemingly referenced Taylor’s relationship with Joe. Those who attended the pop-up shared photos of what looked like a mailbox or library card filing unit. There were noticeably 72 different compartments, which fans took to represent the 72 months (6 years) that Taylor dated Joe. Six of those units were opened, while the rest remained locked, which added to the significance of the number six. Some fans also pointed out that the open boxes may have represented specific months in the relationship that were particularly meaningful.

The number two also seemed to hold some significance in the pop-up, as a clock in the exhibit was set to 2:00. In a teaser for the “TTPD Timetable,” which Taylor released on April 16, 2024, a clock was also set to 2:00. Some fans have taken this to mean that there will be some sort of “double” release to go along with TTPD. Theorists think Taylor could be releasing a poetry book or even dropping Reputation (Taylor’s Version) along with her 11th record. Others have pointed out that the references to “two” could be acknowledging her two rerecorded albums that have not been released yet (Reputation and Taylor Swift).

Who Is Your Favorite Collaborator on Taylor Swift’s TTPD?

This number first popped up when Taylor announced TTPD at the Grammys in February 2024, as fans noticed she blatantly held up two fingers while revealing that she’d been keeping the album a secret for two years. The pop-up also included a peace sign figurine, so there appears to be some significance to that symbol too.

There were fountain pens and quill pens in the pop-up, which was a callback to playlists that Taylor created before releasing her album Midnights in 2022. At the time, she explained that she grouped her music into three categories: fountain pens, quill pens and glitter pens. The songs that fall into the “glitter pen” category are her “unabashedly bouncy pop” tracks. There were noticeably no glitter pens at the pop-up, which gave some insight into the kind of music fans WON’T be hearing on TTPD.

taylor swifts ttpd pop up easter eggs joe alwyn more
taylor swifts ttpd pop up easter eggs joe alwyn more

The library pop-up had a calendar set to Friday, December 13. Of course, December 13 is Taylor’s birthday, and fans have realized that the date falls on a Friday in 2024. Since Taylor loves giving fans presents on her own birthday, it’s been theorized that she’ll drop something extra special when the date falls on a Friday. One possibility? The release of either Reputation (TV) or Taylor Swift (TV), since new music generally comes out on Fridays.

The TTPD tracklist had a special place in the pop-up, as there was a shelf of books that had the album’s song titles on the spines. Interestingly, there was also a book that appeared older and more worn. It was titled “Saint,” which is not one of the TTPD track names. Fans also noticed that there was a globe with a pin pushed into the state of Florida, which is one of the album’s song titles. It’s also the first state that Taylor performed in after news of her split from Joe was confirmed in 2023.

A bouquet of dried-up purple and orange flowers in the exhibit was an apparent reference to a past relationship that had died. The purple flowers appeared to be lavender, which was seemingly an Easter egg for the Midnights track “Lavender Haze,” speculated to be about Joe.

Another notable part of the exhibit was an open birdcage, which fans took to represent Taylor’s freedom after ending her six-year relationship. A statue symbolizing Diana of Ephesus was also on display and one fan on X pointed out that the original sculpture “crumbled while waiting to be shipped to London” after “years of neglect.”

What ‘TTPD’ Lyrics Were Revealed at Taylor Swift’s Los Angeles Pop-Up?

In addition to Easter eggs, Taylor also shared new lyrics from TTPD during the exhibit. Fans who arrived when it first opened found lyrics in an open book at the event.

taylor swifts ttpd pop up easter eggs joe alwyn more
taylor swifts ttpd pop up easter eggs joe alwyn more

“Even statues crumble if they’re made to wait,” the typewritten page revealed.

Later in the day on April 16, 2024, the page was turned to debut a second lyric: “One less temptress, one less dagger to sharpen.”

What Is the Taylor Swift ‘TTPD’ Pop-Up in Los Angeles?

The pop-up featured Taylor partnering with Spotify to create a library at The Grove. It was open to the public for three days in 2024 – April 16, April 17 and April 18 – from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The library was the perfect lead-up to the release of The Tortured Poets Department on April 19, 2024.

“Fans will be able to explore a poetry library, highly curated to represent the direction of the new record,” Spotify explained. “The shelves will be packed with books and visual surprises for fans to enjoy.”