Taylor Swift’s Surprise Song at Her Final Chicago Show ‘Hits Different’

taylor-swift-hits-different.jpg Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Chicago, IL - Credit: Natasha Moustache/TAS23/Getty Images

Taylor Swift spoiled Chicago over the course of her three nights in the Windy City this weekend. On night one, she delivered a speech about creating safe spaces for her queer fans and urged her audience to vote against harmful anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. Night two saw a surprise appearance from Maren Morris for the live debut of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) vault track “You All Over Me.” And night three featured another special live debut, with Swift stripping down the Midnights deep cut “Hits Different” for her first surprise song.

“I don’t know if you’ll know this one, it’s pretty new,” Swift said in her introduction. “Hits Different” wasn’t officially released on streaming until late last month as part of the extended album Midnights (Til Dawn Edition). But Swifties had already gotten their hands on the song when it was released as a bonus track on the Target exclusive edition of Midnights. Needless to say, they knew every word.

“It’s been thousands of times I’ve seen someone in the crowd and just seen them performing for their life,” Swift said before starting “Hits Different.” “This crowd is so special, you guys are so amazing. On a one-on-one basis, I’ve made so many new friends tonight. People are gonna ask me, like, ‘Are you tired at the end of the show?’ I’m like, no, are they tired? You guys are head-banging and thrashing and screeching.”

The addition of “Hits Different” as a surprise song also sparked hope that Swift might surprise one of her remaining crowds with “You’re Losing Me,” her latest exclusive release. The song is currently only available on a special edition CD sold in limited quantities at the singer’s tour stops.

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