Taylor Swift’s Stalker Being Admitted To Mental Health Facility, Unfit To Stand Trial

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David Crowe, better known to the public as Taylor Swift's alleged stalker, has been deemed unfit to stand trial and has been committed to the custody of the Office of Mental Health.

As we reported, Crowe was arrested three times within just a few days, the most recent being on January 24, just hours after he appeared in court.

He was supposed to appear in Manhattan criminal court Wednesday, February 7 for a hearing related to the lurking incidents outside of Swift’s New York apartment, however, the results of a court-ordered mental evaluation kept him at Riker's Island.

Taylor Swift's Stalker Deemed Unfit To Stand Trial

Taylor Swift's Stalker Unfit To Stand Trial; Admitted To Mental Health Facility

Crowe was arrested and pled not guilty to charges alleging he showed up at Taylor Swift’s New York home over 30 times in two months.  Two hours after David Crowe appeared in court for his second arrest, he was spotted within two blocks of Taylor Swift’s New York City townhome, leading to his third arrest.

Now, as Crowe was set to appear in court for his latest charges, it has been determined that David Crowe is unfit to stand trial and the criminal case is now dismissed by function of law. Two psychiatrists found he was “not fit to proceed not just on the evaluation, but also on the review of his criminal record," attorney Katherine LeGeros Bajuk said.

He will soon be committed to the custody of the Office of Mental Health to receive the necessary treatment -- Until then, Crowe will remain behind bars. Another hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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“In some cases, we have clients who sit in jail for months and months and months after they’ve been found not fit,” Bajuk told reporters outside the courtroom after the hearing. “It’s just a shame. The doctors, director of the clinic, and psychiatrist of the clinic deemed that he is not fit to proceed based on meeting with him.”

On January 22, Crowe was taken into custody for the third time that week after he was spotted lurking around and attempting to enter the pop singer’s apartment 30 times since November.

As we reported, a protective order was issued after Crowe's second arrest, which prevented Crowe from attempting to contact Swift. According to reports, Crowe was caught rummaging through dumpsters near the NYC building, prompting the police to arrive and arrest Crowe once again -- this time on a criminal contempt charge thanks to that order of protection.

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According to an eyewitness, he was “lurking here for a month,” which aligns with what the records showed in the recent court hearing.

Crowe is currently sitting at Rikers held on $100,000 bail for contempt after intentionally violating the court order. His initial charges were stalking in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor, and two counts of harassment.

Taylor is not currently in her New York apartment, as she is on her Eras Tour in Tokyo. She is expected to fly from Japan to Las Vegas to watch her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, play in the Super Bowl.