Taylor Swift Revamps Her Signature Noughties Hairstyle, in the Most "Fearless" Way

Taylor Swift is having the time of her life. The new album, doing a full sweep at the American Music Awards, and a fresh (but throwback) hairstyle? We're immensely impressed.

Swift made history by winning the most AMAs from a female artist — not to mention this has been her previous record from the awards show before. If you're a Swiftie, you'll know that win was solidified in part by the re-recording of her earlier albums, including her Red: Taylors Version re-recorded bop. Suppose you remember her iconic look from that timeframe — you may have peeped that she is serving up her signature petal wave curls from the 2008-2010 era. The sweeping bangs and golden cashmere curls instantly did a flashback to the times when we sang in acoustic style to Swift's music.

The resurgence of her nostalgic hair moments from a decade-plus ago is rooted in the fact that trends always return and everything old can become new again. It's hard to believe that she rocked this style 12 years ago. We hope to see more of this specific look as her appearances continue. Catch more of her classic look above.