Taylor Swift Reportedly Booked $4.2M Luxury Cottage 'To Unwind' Amid Her Eras Tour In The UK

Taylor Swift is set to enjoy a lavish stay at the luxurious Cotswolds cottage during her UK Eras Tour. The singer's 15 UK shows, starting in Edinburgh on June 7, are reportedly expected to boost the UK economy by nearly £1 billion.

Due to Swift's tour, accommodation prices have surged, with Airbnb and Travelodge rates significantly increasing. Critics have labeled this profiteering, while Airbnb and Travelodge defend their pricing, highlighting the high demand during Swift's tour.

Taylor Swift To Enjoy Lavish $4.2 Million Cotswolds Cottage While In The UK

Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards, 2024

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the Grammy award-winning singer will stay in a £3.3 million [$4.2 million] cottage in the Cotswolds during the UK leg of her highly anticipated Eras tour.

Swift's NFL star boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is also expected to join her at the luxury location.

"Taylor has booked the cottage while she is over in the UK," an insider shared with the news outlet. "She wants a place to unwind away from the tour, and the countryside is her happy place."

"Taylor loves dressing up in sequins on stage but is most at home in muddy boots in the fresh air," the source added.

The "Shake It Off" singer's choice of residence places her near the exclusive Soho Farmhouse, a well-known celebrity retreat near Chipping Norton.

The area is also home to prominent figures such as Foreign Secretary David Cameron and his wife Samantha, supermodel Kate Moss, and Britain's Got Talent judges Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour To Generate Nearly £1 billion For The UK Economy

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, 2024

Swift will kick off her UK tour in Edinburgh on June 7, followed by stops in Liverpool and Cardiff and multiple shows in London between June and August. Her hugely successful tour, with its 15 performances, is expected to boost the economy by nearly £1 billion.

The Eras Tour is reportedly projected to inject £997 million into the UK economy as fans of the pop star are expected to spend an average of £848 on tickets, accommodation, travel, merchandise, new outfits, and food and drink.

Nearly 1.2 million Swifties are anticipating her 15 UK performances this summer. However, despite their anticipation, fans are grappling with soaring Airbnb prices during the "Bad Blood" singer's tour dates.

Eras Tour Dates Causes Spike In Accommodation Prices For Airbnb And Hotels

Taylor Swift wearing a Versace dress arrives at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

According to The Mirror, the average cost per night in Edinburgh jumped from £237.88 to £769, a 223% increase throughout the tour dates. Liverpool's rates also doubled from £99.64 to £202.59, and Cardiff, with only one show, experienced an 18% hike from £156.44 to £185.07.

Additionally, Swift will perform at London's Wembley Stadium for several consecutive dates, prompting a spike in local accommodation prices.

Per the news outlet, the average cost for a one-night stay at a Travelodge within three miles of the stadium on June 21, 22, and 23 is £222.60. This is a 102% increase from £109.93 during the same period the previous week.

The mega popstar will also return to London for more shows on August 15, 16, 17, 19, and 20, with nearby Travelodge rates averaging £167.96, a 91% rise.

Airbnb And Travelodge Were Slammed For Their Prices

Taylor Swift performs

Amid the price hike, fans have voiced their displeasure over the costly fees, with some experts even calling out Airbnb and Travelodge for "profiteering."

Consumer expert Scott Dixon criticized this pricing: "This is blatant profiteering and extortion which simply cannot be justified. No hotel or Airbnb can justify charging nearly £800 for one night."

Dixon also urged consumers to plan ahead and explore different locations, adding, "This highlights why consumers ought to plan ahead and factor in these costs and consider different locations when buying tickets for events."

Airbnb and Travelodge Blame Pricing Spike On  High Demand During Taylor Swift's

Taylor Swift Performs Eras in Las Vegas

Following the price spike controversy, an Airbnb spokesperson told The Mirror: "These prices are for unbooked accommodation and do not reflect the average price offered on Airbnb during Taylor Swift's tour in the UK. The average price for booked accommodation on Airbnb in Liverpool, Cardiff, and Edinburgh for the concert dates is around £233 per night."

They added: "The typical host in the UK shares their home for an average of  three nights a month, giving locals an opportunity to earn much-needed additional income at a time when accommodation is in high demand."

Travelodge also commented: "At Travelodge, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a well-priced, well-located stay they can trust. We encourage people to book directly via our website as early as they can and where they can to choose the rate that is right for them. This includes our Flexible Rate Booking, which is refundable before midday on the day of arrival, allowing customers to book in advance and rest assured they can cancel their stay if plans change nearer to the time."