Taylor Swift reacts to Ryan Gosling's “SNL” Barbenheimer break up with Ken to 'All Too Well'

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"Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour," she joked.

Ryan Gosling used a Swiftie breakup anthem to end his relationship with Ken — and it's already earned him the Taylor Swift stamp of approval.

Upon his latest return to Saturday Night Live, the actor opened his monologue by reminding the crowd that he is currently promoting his upcoming action flick The Fall Guy — which means there’s no need to discuss his Barbie role as Ken. But Kennergy is famously overwhelming and Gosling couldn’t help but constantly mention his role in the summer blockbuster.

“It’s not funny,” Gosling told the laughing audience. “Ken and I, we had to break up. We went too deep. And it’s over.”

To prove this point, Gosling strolled over to a piano and began singing an ode to Ken… to the tune of Swift’s fan-favorite track, “All Too Well.”  He was eventually joined by his Fall Guy costar Emily Blunt, who added her own verses about playing Kitty Oppenheimer in Barbie’s other half, Oppenheimer.

<p>VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty; Will Heath/NBC</p> Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty; Will Heath/NBC

Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling

A day later, Swift took to social media to celebrate the Barbenheimer-inspired cover of her song.

"All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version)!!!,” she wrote on Instagram. “Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour. This monologue is EVERYTHING.”

<p>Taylor Swift/Instagram</p> Taylor Swift Instagram post featuring Ryan Gosling's 'SNL' monologue

Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift Instagram post featuring Ryan Gosling's 'SNL' monologue

For his cover of the song, Gosling sings, “Oh that sweet definition of my washboard abs/ Singing Indigo Girls in the car with Babs / If I said that I was doing fine/ You know I’d be lying/ Because I was just Ken/ And now I’m just Ryan.”

He went as far as to don his character’s memorable fur coat and sunglasses before Blunt emerged to scold him for the unhealthy Ken obsession. She told a mopey Gosling that he was “embarrassing” himself and that he needed to “move on." She even tried breaking a chair over his head — a reminder of his role as a stuntman in their upcoming movie — to no avail.

Eventually, Blunt changed her tune after being reminded that she had a Ken-like experience herself as Kitty. Just like that, Gosling’s solo ode to Ken became a duet.

"'Cause here we are again back in 2023/ With the Barbenheimer summer it was just you and me,” Blunt and Gosling sang together. “Must confess, we’re a mess to impress/ Now it’s time to wish Ken and Kitty, both of us, farewell.”

Watch Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt pay tribute to their Barbenheimer roles in the SNL monologue above.

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