Taylor Swift Played ‘Our Song’ At The Eras Tour And Fans Are Ecstatic About Hearing The Throwback Live

 Taylor Swift on Speak Now Tour singing Sparks Fly video
Taylor Swift on Speak Now Tour singing Sparks Fly video

The Swifties at the Las Vegas show got the surprise song of all surprise songs, in my opinion, as Taylor Swift decided to sing the tune that really shot her into fame during night three of The Eras Tour. While the pop star’s tour encompasses all her eras, one album that doesn't get a lot of stage time is her debut self-titled album, and fans seem to be hoping that during the surprise section of the show she plays a song from Taylor Swift live. Before night three she had only performed “Tim McGraw,” however, fans at the latest show were in for a treat as she sang the smash hit “Our Song” for the first time in years.

Many Swifities took to TikTok to post their videos of Swift singing “Our Song,” and subsequently, the comments were full of fans gushing over the acoustic performance of the OG hit. One fan, arianna.pesci posted a closeup video of the “Anti-Hero” singer jamming out to one of her oldest songs, check it out:

Just like how fans freaked out about Swift's stage dive into her stage and her doing the viral TikTok dance to “Bejeweled,” they couldn’t contain their excitement about the performance of “Our Song.” Many noted just how sentimental the tune was to them, like Heather Terrace, who commented:

Hearing grown Taylor sing Our Song has given me literally chills. My first favorite song from her and continues to remain in my top songs

Many others posted incredibly enthusiastic comments as well about how much the song means to them, and how excited they were to see that it was performed live:

  • babe wake up it’s our song (taylor’s version) -raven

  • THE CROWD IS SO LOUD -amrutha s.

  • OH MY GOD THEY WON -Kay2Esso

  • it’s 6AM and i’m crying to our song (taylor’s version) - :o

  • it was the best feeling screaming along to this tonight! -Taylor

  • I’ve been waiting my entire adult life for this -Hannah Dennison

Fans were also commenting about how they were hoping “Our Song” would be the surprise song at their respective shows so they could jam out like Laura Dern and Emma Stone were during opening night. Not going to lie, I feel them, I was also hoping this song would be on my show’s set list, however Swift had a great reason for performing it in Vegas.

Swift said she was inspired to sing the song at the Las Vegas show because her opening act beabadoobee had mentioned in an interview how much she loved the singer’s debut album, and specifically “Our Song,” as draytonpeterson caught the moment in a video they posted on TikTok. The “Blank Space” singer said:

So for her first show with us, I’ll play the specific song that she said she wanted to hear. So, this is a song that, well I wrote it for my ninth-grade talent show, it’s called ‘Our Song.’

How sweet is that? It’s so sweet to know that the pop star chose to perform “Our Song” specifically for her opening act. Plus, for all of us Swifties who have yet to see the concert, Swift has so many upcoming projects, re-releases and likely surprises coming up, I’m sure no matter what show you end up at she will always have something new up her sleeve.

Taylor Swift’s entire set is packed with meaning like this. The detail in her productions shows that she wants to give everyone the best show possible, no matter what seat they’re in. Plus, the songs she chose to include honor not only her career, but her loved ones too, like how she emotionally sings a song about her grandmother every night. The surprise songs are just the cherry on top of an already amazing concert.

With every new stop on The Eras Tour, Swift will be playing two songs that aren’t on the permanent setlist, and while “Our Song” probably won’t be sung again, we’ll always have this sweet moment to look back on, and tons of songs to look forward to.