Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo Fans Are Comparing the Lyrics of ‘Imgonnagetyouback’ and ‘Get Him Back’

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Is Taylor Swift's “imgonnagetyouback” just a slowed-down version of Olivia Rodrigo's “get him back?” After all that drama surrounding Rodrigo's debut album, Sour, some fans say they're experiencing a bit of déjà vu with The Tortured Poets Department.

ICYMI: Back in 2021, Rodrigo was seemingly pressured into granting Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff writing credits on her song “deja vu” after telling Rolling Stone that she was inspired by “Cruel Summer” during the writing process. While that might not seem like a big deal on paper, it was a deceptively nuanced and fraught situation that many fans believe fractured the artists' relationship and inspired Rodrigo's particularly gut-wrenching track, “The Grudge.” You can read a more in-depth analysis here.


Fans think multiple songs on Olivia Rodrigo's sophomore album, *Guts,* are about Taylor Swift.

Well, now it looks like the shoe may be on the other foot. Following the release of of The Tortured Poets Department on April 19, fans are suggesting that “imgonnagetyouback” has more in common with “get him back!” by Rodrigo than remarkably similar lower-case titles.

“'imgonnagetyouback' is good but this is just ‘get him back’ by olivia," one X.com user noted, while another wondered why Swift released a track that is “conceptually the same” as the one on Rodrigo's sophomore album.

While the songs have vastly different sounds, both songs appear to invoke the double meaning of the phrase “get him back” as the singers grapple over reuniting with their exes or seeking revenge.

Here is the chorus of “get him back” by Olivia Rodrigo, released on September 8, 2023:

I wanna get him back
I wanna make him really jealous, wanna make him feel bad
Oh, I wanna get him back
'Cause then again, I really miss him, and it makes me real sad
Oh, I want sweet revenge
And I want him again
I want to get him back, back, back

And the bridge:

I wanna key his car
I wanna make him lunch
I wanna break his heart
And be the one to stitch it up
Wanna kiss his face
With an uppercut
I wanna meet his mom
Just to tell her her son sucks

And here is the chorus of “imgonnagetyouback,” released by Swift on April 19, 2024:

Whether I'm gonna be your wife or
Gonna smash up your bike, I haven't decided yet
But I'm gonna get you back
Whether I'm gonna curse you out or
Take you back to my house, I haven't decidеd yet
But I'm gonna get you back

However, some commenters suggest the problem isn't with Swift's song, which has a significantly different tone than “Get Him Back,” but the relentless criticism Rodrigo has had to deal with since 2021.

“Imagine if Olivia released ‘get him back’ after ‘imgonnagetyouback,’” one Rodrigo fan wrote. “Y'all know they would've made her give up another 50%.”

Another shared a similar sentiment, suggesting Rodrigo “would've had to enter some sort of protection program” if Guts was released after The Tortured Poets Department.

Personally, I just wish we could all go back to May 11, 2021.

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