What Taylor Swift’s “Mismatched Star Signs” Lyrics Really Mean

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Taylor Swift 'Mismatched Star Signs' Meaning

Taylor Swift is a talented singer-songwriter, but did you know she's also a self-taught astrologer? It's true! She's been referencing astrology within her lyrics and music videos since she started her career. And a look at her birth chart reveals why. Taylor Swift was born a Sagittarius sun and her moon in Cancer. In astrology, your sun sign represents your heart's desire and ego, while your moon sign holds the key to unlocking your soft side. Together, these luminaries show a snapshot of who you are and what drives you. For Taylor Swift, having her sun in Sagittarius explains her natural curiosity and willingness to take risks, while her moon in Cancer shows she's deeply tuned into her emotional side.

Over the years, Swift has referenced astrology in her interviews, social media posts, and song lyrics for cosmically inclined fans to seek out. Not only that, but it seems like Taylor Swift is releasing her new albums in line with astrological eclipse cycles. Most recently, her latest project a surprise double-album titled, The Tortured Poets Department, has fans looking back through her old lyrics to find the secret romance from the 1989 era that's referenced in her songs. The lyric that has all the astrology lovers buzzing is her nod to astrological compatibility in the song "Suburban Legends," when she says, 'I had the fantasy that maybe our mismatched star signs / Would surprise the whole school.'

Do the lyrics of “Suburban Legends” point to a doomed cosmic love? Find out below.

“Suburban Legends” Hints at Lovers with Incompatible Sun Signs

In astrology, compatibility is determined using both people's birth charts with an emphasis on Venus, the planet of love and romance, and the moon, the planet of emotions and intimacy. However, it seems Taylor Swift is pointing to a lover with a mismatched sun sign, which shows a clash of egos. As a general rule, the element (air/earth/water/fire) of your sun sign can indicate surface-level attraction to another person. So when Swift mentions "star signs" in her vault track "Suburban Legends," she's most likely referring to someone who tried to cage her free-spirited and fiery fire sign soul. As a Sagittarius with an Aquarius Venus, Taylor Swift is most compatible with air signs or fellow fire signs.

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Who Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Mismatched’ Star Sign Lyric About?

Following her move to NYC, Taylor Swift was in the spotlight more than ever. In the prologue for 1989 (Taylor's Version), Swift reflects on the whirlwind of rumors surrounding her dating life. She says it became clear there was "no such thing as casual dating" for her during this era, lasting from mid-2013, when she began writing 1989 to the album's release on October 27, 2014. Swift reflects on how both her male and female friendships were put under the media microscope. While there's no confirmation for most of these rumored romances, fans wonder if the reference to 'mismatched star signs' in "Suburban Legends" could point to the cosmic connection she had with a former flame. Here's a look at everyone Taylor Swift was linked with during 1989 era and their astrological compatibility.

Matty Healy: Aries

Newsflash! Apparently, we don't know everything about Taylor Swift's dating life. After the release of her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, it was revealed that a long-standing love affair from Taylor Swift's past might be more complicated than we thought. From rumors of dating and collaborating on albums together in 2014 to snuggling up with one another on a rooftop bar in NYC a decade later, bad-boy and 1975 frontman Matty Healy seems to have had a deeper impact on Swift than fans first thought. And how exciting! A whirlwind romance, hidden in secret, destined to surprise the whole school with their romance—right? Well, not if Swift is telling us the truth in her lyrics. Matty Healy was born on April 8, 1989, making him a firecracker Aries. Swift is a Sagittarius, meaning these two fire signs have a hot and heavy connection. But mismatched? Not so much.

Connor Kennedy: Leo

The first rumored romance of the 1989 era starts right ahead of the release of Red. Us Weekly first reported Swift's connection with Connor Kennedy in the summer of 2012 after they were photographed walking hand-in-hand in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. However, their rumored romance was short-lived, and the two were later reported to have an amicable split that same year in the fall of 2012. This means their situationship would've fizzled out just in time for Taylor to write about it in 1989. So, were Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy compatible? Yes. Connor Kennedy is a bold and daring Leo sun–a good match for Taylor's sun in Sagittarius. These two likely shared a passion for life and excitement for trying new things. And because of that, it's unlikely "Suburban Legends" is about him.

Diana Agron: Taurus

Before Taylor Swift was living her best life in NYC with her girl squad, she was spending a lot of time with Glee actress Diana Agron. The two first became friends during the Red era following her split from Connor Kennedy and were seen together for the last time in 2014, shortly after Swift released 1989. During their time as friends, they were spotted having dinner together, going to the movies, and interacting on social media. In 2012, rumors of them dating started swirling, but eventually, their friendship faded. Is it possible that these two are incompatible star sign lovers? Yes. Although they admire each other's drive, Taurus (Agron) and Sagittarius (Swift) tend to have a lot of friction between them. Based on astrological signs, Diana Agron could be the cosmic mismatch Swift is singing about.

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Harry Styles: Aquarius

Following the release of Red in 2012 and her romance with Connor Kennedy, Taylor Swift was seen spending time with singer Harry Styles. These two were only rumored to be seeing one another for three months, from November 2012 to January 2013, but there's a lot to cover. The two were first linked when Swift wore Styles' silver airplane necklace in her "Out Of The Woods" music video, and the pair went public officially in December 2012 after months of media speculation. They were photographed together during the holiday season–only for everything to fall apart on a vacation the pair took that ended with Taylor leaving alone on a boat. So, is the mismatched star signs lyric a nod that Haylor was doomed from the start? Probably not. Harry Styles has his sun in Aquarius, along with his Mercury, Venus, and Mars, making him highly compatible with Swift's Sagittarius sun.

Karlie Kloss: Leo

Some Swifties believe the song is alluding to ex-best friend and rumored flame Karlie Kloss; however, the lyric wouldn't make sense since Swift and Kloss are very astrological compatible. The Kaylor friendship started in January 2012, ahead of the Red era, when Taylor Swift mentioned Kloss in a Vogue cover interview. The two met for the first time in person in November 2013 at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where Kloss walked the runway and Swift sang. From there, the two became inseparable and were best friends through 1989, reputation, and Lover era. Then, sometime between 2018 and 2019, the two stopped hanging out as much as their friendship appeared to fizzle out. Could Karlie Kloss be the twin-fire sign who left Swift feeling burned? It's unlikely. Again, Leo is a fire sign that is very compatible with Sagittarius, meaning these two had a definite spark between them.

Final Conclusion? It's Inconclusive

By singing about 'mismatched star signs,' it seems Taylor Swift is reflecting on a romance where their sun signs clashed. However, an astrology expert like Swift would also know that a mismatched sun sign connection isn't always a deal-breaker. And while there's a chance the singer is talking about someone on our list, there's also a chance Swift was writing about a different secret relationship–only the "Mastermind" herself knows for sure!

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