Taylor Swift Had a Technical Malfunction While Performing Her Surprise Set on the ‘Eras’ Tour in Stockholm

taylor swift the eras tour stockholm, sweden
Tay Had a Technical Malfunction on 'Eras' TourMichael Campanella/TAS24 - Getty Images
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ICYMI, during night three of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Stockholm, Sweden, the musician had to briefly pause the show (during her surprise songs section, no less 😭) to deal with a technical issue.

In a video captured by a fan who was at the concert, you can see the Grammy-winner say to the crowd “Talk amongst yourselves” before sitting down at her piano and struggling with her blue wrap dress as she attempts to fix her mic pack. In need of an assist, Tay then gets help from a crew member, who appears onstage and helps save the day.

Despite the whole moment initially giving off wardrobe malfunction vibes (especially since, in an attempt to fix the situation, Tay accidentally revealed the sparkly gold bra top she wears for her new Tortured Poets Department set), it can actually be attributed to the musician accidentally ripping the cords out of her mic pack.

In a since-deleted YouTube video of the complete acoustic set, Taylor seemingly catches some of her wiring on the strap of her guitar, which causes it to disconnect when she removes it in order to switch over to the piano. Enter: all the vids that show the celeb attempting to remedy the issue.

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However, ever the pro, Tay smiles at the crowd and dances as she secures her dress back into place once the crew member helps her get things back in order before returning to her piano set for the next surprise song.

taylor swift the eras tour stockholm, sweden
Michael Campanella/TAS24 - Getty Images

Though it wasn't strictly a wardrobe malfunction this time around, Tay *did* suffer from one of those this past November while she was in Brazil performing her third show (we're starting to sense a pattern here lol) and the heel of one of her sparkling knee-high boots came off, leaving her to channel her inner Barbie and go on without it.

The moment occurred during the musician's Lover section, and fan footage from the concert showed her reaching down, pulling off the broken heel, and iconically throwing it into the crowd. And, yes, one lucky fan fully snagged the detached heel and went home with it.

Anyway! A reminder that for those of us who haven't seen the Eras Tour IRL yet (me 😭😭😭), this is the vibe pretty much every single night:

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