Taylor Swift's new 'Folklore' album has some famous fans, but Smash Mouth isn't among them

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Steve Harwell, the frontman of Smash Mouth, and his band are apparently not impressed with Taylor Swift's latest album, "Folklore." (Photo: Getty Images)

The band Smash Mouth’s first tweet on Friday morning was short, but it was big.

“Borelore” was seen as a comment on Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore, which she had released at midnight after making a surprise announcement earlier in the day. And her fiercely loyal fans weren’t having it. (The band declined Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.)

In response, they bashed Smash Mouth, calling them one-hit wonders and often pointing to their contributions to the computer-animated family film Shrek in 2001. In fact, Smash Mouth, whose membership has changed over the years but continues to include frontman Steve Harwell, had two hit songs on the soundtrack: their original track “All Star” and a cover of the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer.” Their songs “All Star,” “Then the Morning Comes” and “Walkin’ on the Sun” all also fared well on the music charts, according to Billboard. Ten different albums are for sale on their official website.

The band seemed to have a sense of humor about it, responding to a tweet that read “Go folk yourself,” with “good one.”

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

However, Smash Mouth was in the minority on their negative opinion of Swift’s latest collection of songs. Folklore is getting rave reviews, especially from her fellow musicians and other celebrity fans. Former Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien flat out said, “f*** Smash Mouth,” while Halsey, Finneas and more defended the singer in their own ways.

Gigi Hadid (Photo: Instagram)
Gigi Hadid (Photo: Instagram)

As for sales, as of Friday afternoon, the explicit version of Folklore was the top-selling album in the iTunes Store, while the clean version was in second. Three tracks from the LP — “Cardigan,” “The 1” and “Exile,” her duet with Bon Iver — were in the top 10 highest-selling songs.

Download/stream Folklore on Apple Music.

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