Taylor Swift's fans are mad that Kamala Harris had a fundraiser hosted by Scooter Braun

The Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun feud has taken a political turn.

Last month, the pop star accused Braun — a talent manager whose clients include Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber — of “incessant, manipulative bullying” after it emerged that he had purchased Big Machine Records, gaining ownership to the rights to her pre-2017 music catalog along with it.

Swift’s open letter attacking Braun saw celebrities taking sides, with Bieber and fellow client Demi Lovato coming to his defense.

Now it seems that Sen. Kamala Harris has been caught up in the drama. On Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate’s husband, Douglas Emhoff, tweeted a star-studded photo confirming that Harris had attended a fundraiser in her honor held at Braun’s Los Angeles home.

What’s more, the event was attended not just by Braun clients Grande and Lovato, but also by Katy Perry — who supposedly ended her own longstanding beef with Swift in the latter’s video for “You Need to Calm Down” — with all three pop divas scoring a photo with the 2020 hopeful.

Though Swift herself hasn’t publicly addressed Harris’s loyalties, some of her supporters are taking the Braun-hosted fundraiser as a personal slight.

“This is confusing,” read a comment on Harris’s Instagram page. “Advocating for strong women at a Scooter Braun event? I really like you but this is giving me second thoughts.”

“Because we’re all for ‘believing all women’ and ‘supporting all women’ until it comes to Taylor Swift though, right?” complained another Swift fan. `’Doesn’t fit the narrative I guess.”

But others are accusing Braun of planting the story to drum up negative attention for Swift. And then there are those pointing out that, after years of keeping mum about her politics, Swift’s statement of support for former Gov. Phil Bredesen in Tennessee’s Senate race last fall didn’t help him win. Despite Swift’s backing, Bredesen lost to Republican Marsha Blackburn in November.

Long story short: Harris is unlikely to take a huge hit from any perceived slight to Swift, who, for the record, has retweeted the candidate in the past. Katy Perry, on the other hand ...

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