Taylor Swift And Football Fans Both Have The Same Response To Jason Kelce's Shirtless Scream

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Yesterday was Sunday, which means Taylor Swift was at a football game.

Taylor Swift cheering with other football fans
Kathryn Riley / Getty Images

This time she was in Buffalo, and this time she was joined by Travis's brother, Jason.

Taylor Swift cheering with football fans
Kathryn Riley / Getty Images

People lost it when they saw them in a box together.

Twitter: @moonlithoax

One moment in particular has gone super viral.

ESPN/ Twitter: @JOEL9ONE

It's when Jason Kelce ripped off his shirt and screamed like a banshee after his brother scored a touchdown.

ESPN/Twitter: @PHLEaglesNation

That *moment* is ALL over my timeline.

ESPN/ Twitter: @swiftbunnies

Someone even captured Taylor's reaction:

Twitter: @karmaszone

As this person said, "Tay just realized that Travis was the TAME brother."

Twitter: @perfectlyfine89

"This guy is gonna give a speech at Taylor Swift's wedding and that's beautiful," another person said.

ESPN/ Twitter: @_adamlondon

Both football fans and Taylor Swift fans are living for his reaction.


And now it's obviously a meme.

ESPN/Twitter: @tswifterastour

People compared it to pictures of Taylor Swift at award shows.

ESPN/MTV/ Twitter: @icourtneycries

Swifties put song lyrics under the GIF.

ESPN/Twitter: @RaghavsRep

They compared it to the nightmare that is Ticketmaster.

ESPN/Twitter: @enchanteddaisy_

"This is what it felt like when Folklore got Album of the Year at the Grammys," this Taylor Swift fan said.

ESPN/Twitter: @taylenahq

Other people compared it to the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

ESPN/Twitter: @Danny_Heifetz

And this person even made a mashup with a screaming goat.

ESPN/Twitter: @sarahybethy

It's also really funny because that's Cara Delevingne next to him, like what?!

ESPN/Twitter: @shelby_l_s

Ultimately, I think this post sums up this only-in-2024 situation best:

ESPN/Twitter: @pricesandvices