Taylor Swift Fans Have Admitted That They Don’t Understand What These 10 Lyrics Mean, So We’ve Broken Them Down For You

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It’s fair to say Taylor Swift is one of the most prolific songwriters in the industry today, with the pop superstar memorializing pretty much her entire life through her work.

Taylor Swift is onstage singing in a sparkling fringe dress, with a microphone in hand

It all started when X — formerly Twitter — user @maroonwine13 tweeted “what are some taylor lyrics that make zero sense?” earlier this week, a prompt that has been seen more than 4.5 million times in less than 48 hours.

what are some taylor lyrics that make zero sense? pic.twitter.com/hP2vJuY2Sy

— 𝒕𝒔 𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒉𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒂𝒔𝒕♡︎ (@maroonwine13) February 19, 2024

Twitter: @maroonwine13 / Via Twitter: @maroonwine13

Suffice to say, the Swifties did not hold back as they answered the question, with thousands of Taylor fans replying to and quoting the tweet to share their confessions.

And with many of the same lyrics coming up time and again, I thought that I would explain their meaning to end this confusion once and for all.

But, before we get into it, it’s worth mentioning that while these are the most commonly assumed meanings, lyrical interpretation is entirely subjective and only Taylor can truly say what her words mean.

1. “Cruel Summer

Taylor Swift performs onstage in a glittery outfit with a unique pattern, bending forward with one hand near her ear, as if listening

2. “Cardigan

Taylor Swift performing onstage

3. “Stay Beautiful

Taylor Swift performing with a guitar, wearing a sparkly black dress, accompanied by a male guitarist

4. “Death by a Thousand Cuts

Taylor Swift wearing a lilac ruffled dress at an awards event

5. “Dancing with Our Hands Tied

Taylor Swift onstage

6. “When Emma Falls in Love

Emma Stone in a sequined dress and Taylor Swift in a satin gown posing together

7. “Bigger Than the Whole Sky

Taylor performing onstage

8. “You’re on Your Own, Kid

Taylor Swift at an event, wearing a black outfit with a gold chain necklace

9. “Karma

Taylor Swift performing on stage in a shimmery outfit with knee-high boots

10. “Cowboy Like Me

Taylor Swift in a houndstooth coat outdoors at night; bystanders in background. (Note: Identity of the woman cannot be disclosed.)

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