Taylor Swift donates $30,000 to 18-year-old woman unable to afford tuition: 'I am so inspired'

Taylor Swift continues her reign as the GoFundMe Fairy.

The “Cardigan” singer is known for her acts of generosity and she’s done it again, donating $30,000 to an 18-year-old with a hefty college bill.

Vitoria Mario, who lives in Britain, shared in her online fundraiser that she is “a young Black 18 year old with a dream.” She aced her exams and was accepted at a prestigious university, but she can’t afford the tuition due to her family’s financial status and is not eligible for loans.

Mario detailed her hardships, including the death of her father and living apart from her mother, who resides in Portugal, so she can study in the U.K. “In spite of this, I have always been a studious person, and after coming to the U.K. in 2016, unable to utter a word in English, I achieved” top grades, she wrote, noting she plans to study in a field that is male-dominated and in which Black women are extremely underrepresented.

Nearly three weeks after Mario created the fundraiser, Swift made the huge donation toward the $52,000 goal — which has now been met. In the comments, the singer wrote, “Vitoria, I came across your story online and am so inspired by your drive and dedication to turning your dreams into reality. I want to gift you the rest of your goal amount. Good luck with everything you do! Love, Taylor.”

(Screenshot: GoFundMe)
(Screenshot: GoFundMe)

Swift fans have since made donations as well, including one person who wrote, “If Taylor Swift likes you - you have my vote! Congratulations on getting your place.”

Swift is full of surprises. She also made a cameo in her pal Selena Gomez’s new HBO Max series, Selena + Chef. On the latest episode of the cooking show, Gomez was getting a culinary lesson, making Korean barbecue Texas breakfast tacos, when she FaceTimed Swift to show the results.

“Oh my god, what is that?” Swift gushed to her BFF. “If you don't send me the recipe, we're going to have words,” Taylor teases her longtime bestie. "I want to be served that... I'm very jealous of your whole setup and the fact that you guys are cooking together is pretty great. I'm really envious.”

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