Taylor Swift brought out Tim McGraw to sing 'Tim McGraw' and people lost it

When you think Tim McGraw, you probably think Taylor Swift too. 

Her first single, "Tim McGraw," had a big moment on Saturday night thanks to a special appearance by McGraw himself, along with Faith Hill. The country music power couple joined Swift in Nashville — where it all began for her — and fans went absolutely nuts. 

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Swift sang the first half of the love song with Hill, before introducing "the actual Tim McGraw" to finish it off in front of the sold out crowd.

Swift first wrote the song in high school, and since then has performed other material with McGraw and Hill over the years as her career has taken off. She even opened for the couple on tour in 2007, which made this Nashville moment a special one. 

The significance of it all sunk in with fans during and after the show, and many tweeted excitedly about the performance. 

Until the next time this magical moment happens, we'll just be watching this classic on loop. 

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