Taylor Swift Appears Drunk in Hilarious Video Celebrating VMA Nominations

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  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift
    American singer-songwriter

Taylor Swift looked a little worse for wear while celebrating not one, but 10 VMA nominations.

The "You Need To Calm Down" singer let her hair down and appeared to be tipsy during her party on Saturday night and fans are loving it.

The footage was captured by partygoer and "Orange is The New Black" star Laverne Cox, who danced along Swift when her smash hit came on.

The superstars smiled and danced to "YNTCD" and Cox wasn't shy about sharing the videos with fans.

"When your song comes on and you've sweat out your cute new do and it don't matter cause your song is on," Laverne wrote.

Swift was hilarious in the clips, even breaking out in interpretive dance at one point.

The Grammy-winning singer also got down with party guests, who were pumped when her song came on.

Wearing a rainbow-colored sparkly dress, Swift paired her shinning look with her signature red lips. Her hair was perfectly placed until the drinks hit her and she lost her mind over her song.

Swifties quickly commented their support for drunk Taylor.

"Tay, you might call this photo non flattering, but its just so fun! I hope she feels no shame in letting lose a little," wrote one fan. "good morning to drunk taylor and drunk taylor only," commented another.

Besides Laverne, Swift had another famous party guest during her celebration.

Riley Knoxx, known as the #1 Beyoncé impersonator in the world, was there to party alongside Swift too.

Posing with the hitmaker, Knoxx thanked Swift for being such a gracious superstar.

"We are all so proud of you and everything that you are accomplishing not only in your career but as a human being," she wrote. "You have the Kindest Heart and great things happen to people who do so much good for the world! KEEP WINNING SIS!"

FYI -- Swift is up for 10 VMA nominations and will perform during the award show, which airs on August 26.

This is the first time in four years that Swift will hit the VMA stage.