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Taylor Swift Gives the World a Peek Inside Her Tchotchke-Filled Beverly Hills Home

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Home is where the Swifty is! On Tuesday, Taylor Swift let Vogue into her Beverly Hills home for “73 Questions.” In addition to learning lots of fun tidbits about the “Wildest Dreams” singer (she loves chicken fingers but usually sticks with hummus), we also got a sense of her personal decorating style (let’s just say she is not a minimalist) and even met one of her beloved cats (albeit briefly).

Here’s what we learned:

Swift, who paid $25 million cash for the home, according to multiple reports, has a room where she writes a lot of her songs — and keeps a lot of knickknacks. On her shelves, alongside a Grammy or two, she has books, framed photos, a few small statues, and some sort of weird sculpture inside a glass display tube. It’s a little reminiscent of something from Hogwarts, but she never clarifies what it is, unfortunately.


Swift in her “room where I write a lot of songs.” (Vogue)

The song that she wrote the fastest was “Blank Space,” but only because she’d written a lot of the lines down in the year preceding the session, so actually, it might have taken her a while if you add that all up.

“All Too Well” took her the longest.

Her awards are spread out throughout the house.

Swift, who appears on the May cover of the fashion mag, says her favorite beverage is coffee and she owns both a regular coffee pot and an espresso maker, plus a bevy of flavored coffee options for each.

Also, she keeps one of her VMAs on the counter between two of her coffeemakers. This puts into perspective just how many awards she has acquired over the years — enough that one of them lives on her coffee bar.


Swifty with her Moonman. (Vogue)

Her favorite cocktail is vodka and Diet Coke. We’re not sure that qualifies as an actual cocktail, but we’ll accept that answer for now.

Two other style choices that struck us about her kitchen: (1) She has yet another award parked next to the stove, and (2) her hood vent over her oven is decaled or painted to match the tile on the walls, which is an … umm … unique decorating choice.


Where she bakes those delicious-looking cookies. Well, when she’s on the West Coast. (Vogue)

The last thing she baked was a gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake. (Is that even a cake at all? These are big questions.)

Swift is a big fan of The Martian, but her favorite movie of all-time is Love, Actually.

Her favorite TV show is Friends (and she wishes she’d written the show’s theme song so she could collect the royalty checks), but her favorite TV show that’s currently on the air is Dateline — not Law & Order: SVU or Grey’s Anatomy, the two shows that inspired her cat names.

She credits her cats with the success of her Instagram account.


Taylor’s bike parked in her backyard. (Vogue)

Moving on to the landscaping, her backyard is as crammed with stuff as her home. From star-shaped lights to benches to giant pottery bowls, every inch of the space is decorated. We also couldn’t help but notice that she has a rather tricked-out bright green bike with some sort of giant contraption on the back. (It looks sort of like a rickshaw but an American version.)

There’s a random guy who hangs out in her backyard and whose wedding anniversary is coming up. (OK, so he probably wasn’t random, but it isn’t explained who he is, so let your imagination run wild!)

Kevin Hart makes her laugh.

If she wasn’t a singer, she thinks she might be in advertising.

The most adventurous thing she’s ever done is watch Shark Week. (Taylor Swift: She’s just like us!)

Her TV hangs on yet another patterned wall. Taylor really, really likes patterns. Her fireplace is also patterned.


Her TV hangs on another patterned wall with lots of cat knickknacks nearby. (Photo: Vogue)

Did we mention she has tchotchkes everywhere? And we do mean everywhere. There isn’t a surface of a table or a bookshelf that isn’t littered with pictures, geodes, candles, you name it. She has so much stuff crammed in her house, in fact, that her live cat almost goes unnoticed, until she points out the feline. (For the record, we’re not sure if it was Meredith Grey or Olivia Benson.)

She doesn’t think that she would get along with her cats if she were a cat because her cats wouldn’t think she was cool enough.


Taylor next to a Grammy. (Vogue)

She wishes she could tell her 19-year-old self, “Hey, you’re going to date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to but you’re going to be a national lightening rod for slut-shaming.”

She hopes to not be freaked out by aging.

She believes that karma is real.

She has a gilt sink in her living room. Just needed to point that out.


Swift and her living room sink. (Vogue)

She really wants an honorary doctorate degree now that her pal Ed Sheeran has one.

And finally the best gift she ever received was when her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, planted an olive tree in her yard for Christmas. Aww!