What Is Taylor Swift’s 12th Album? Seashore Theory Explored

What Is Taylor Swift’s 12th Album? Seashore Theory Explored
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Many have been curious about Taylor Swift‘s 12th album since her last release. Swifties all over the globe have been treated to back-to-back albums by the pop sensation, and fans now speculate that another one might be on the way very soon. Since the singer loves to leave clues for her fans, they have now put the pieces together to come up with theories like the Seashore theory and The Orange Colour Theory.

Here’s everything you need to know about Taylor Swift’s 12th album and the Seashore theory.

Is Taylor Swift releasing a 12th album?

Unfortunately, we do not have any official confirmation from Swift herself that she is going to release her 12th album soon. There are no posts from her social media accounts hinting at the next potential album. So it is fair to assume that fans have to wait longer for her next release.

Based on the subtle hints that Swifties have found in the pop star’s recent performances and merch launch, rumors have taken off regarding her next album and its possible connection to the Seashore theory.

What are the Taylor Swift Seashore album theories?

A popular Seashore theory has taken over the internet, speculating that it might be the name of Swift’s 12th album. However, it seems purely fan-made, and there is no truth to it. A more plausible theory is now making rounds online, which might have a bit more gravity.

The Orange Colour Theory cooked up by the Swifties is now getting more attention than the previous Seashore theory. It is based on the pop star’s frequent use of color during her recent Eras Tour performance. Since orange is not a color heavily featured in any of her previous albums, fans seem to agree that this recent use of orange might be a hint. Further adding weight is the picture on her Eras Tour merch featuring 12 squares in a grid. Fans believe it is a possible Easter egg about her 12th album and that its arrival is nearing.

While fans have been eagerly looking forward to another Taylor Swift album following the record-breaking success of The Tortured Poets Department, all they can do now is wait for Swift to confirm when she’ll be releasing her next album.

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