Tayler Holder accused of stealing merch idea from late friend

TikTok star Tayler Holder is facing criticism over a new line of merch that fans say looks a little too familiar. “Should I drop the merch this weekend?” the former Hype House member tweeted. He was promptly met with proof that his latest “under appreciated” drop looks very similar to that of another influencer. Holder was friends with Corey La Barrie, a fellow influencer who had a merchandise line called “Under Appreciated”. La Barrie died on May 10 after he and “Ink Master” star Daniel Silva got into a car accident after leaving La Barrie’s 25th birthday celebration. The problem is not with the idea or the merchandise itself — . it’s with the fact Holder did not acknowledge La Barrie’s influence in his original tweet or Instagram announcement. Holder claims he worked in collaboration with La Barrie’s family to release his new merch. He also promised that a portion of the proceeds from the merch will go to La Barrie’s family. A fan allegedly reached out to La Barrie’s mom and claimed that she had not heard about the partnership