Tatum O’Neal: I Was Sexually Assaulted Multiple Times As A Child

Actress Tatum O’Neal, the youngest Academy Award winner in history, has opened up and claimed she was sexually assaulted multiple times as a child.

O’Neal, now 54, posted a letter on Instagram that talked about her attacks, tying it into the recent accusations and recriminations regarding the alleged attacks on Christine Blasey Ford by Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed today as an Associated Justice of the US Supreme Court.

In her post, O’Neal said all the assaults were by older men who she thought “were safe.”

Because both her mother, actress Joanna Moore, and father Ryan O’Neal struggled with alcohol and addictions, she was not closely supervised. “When your parents are off getting drunk or high, they are not watching what happens to their children. I suffered years of abuse, both emotional and sexual.”

O’Neal claimed she was once assaulted by a friend of her father and that her mother’s boyfriend tried to rape her.

She also lambasted the President for mocking Christine Blasey Ford.  “To see the President of the US mock a woman, let alone a sexual assault victim, we’ve sunk to a depth of depravity that I never thought the President of the United States could ever sink to,” O’Neal said.

In her 2004 autobiography A Paper Life, O’Neal claimed she was molested by her father’s drug dealer at age 12 and by a family acquaintance at six years old.

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