Taron Egerton is glad Elton John wasn't on 'Rocketman' set while they filmed sex scene: 'That would've been weird'

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Taron Egerton was over the moon to land the role of Elton John in next year’s biopic Rocketman, which traces the future knight’s early ascent to pop stardom. He just didn’t want the singer on set to provide real-time feedback about his portrayal.

“Playing him is intimidating enough. I think [if] he sat at the monitors, that would’ve been too much,” Egerton (Kingsman, Robin Hood ) said during a recent visit with Yahoo Entertainment. “Particularly given the fact that it’s a fairly warts-and-all story. I shot a scene where I’m him losing his virginity; I don’t really particularly want to do that while the person I’m playing is watching. That would be weird. On many levels.”

Rocketman, helmed by Egerton’s Eddie the Eagle director Dexter Fletcher and produced by John, will mark the 29-year-old Welsh actor’s third Elton-related project in only a few short years.

Egerton performed Elton’s “I’m Still Standing” — albeit as an animated gorilla — in the family hit Sing (2016), and the pop icon made a brief cameo alongside the actor in the 2017 sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

“The cosmos seems to be bringing us together,” said Egerton, who doesn’t feel like his first rendition of a John song in Sing was any kind of audition.

“We had met on Kingsman 2 and there was a loose conversation that had started about Rocketman, but there were lots of things that needed to be figured out,” he said. “He has given me feedback on lots of stuff I’ve recorded for the movie, and it’s all been, I’m glad to say, very positive. It’s really nerve-racking, actually, singing Elton John songs and knowing he’s going to hear them. ”

Rocketman opens May 31, 2019. Watch the trailer:

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