Tarek El Moussa's Girlfriend Heather Rae Young Is Already Thinking About A Possible Wedding

"Flip of Flop" star Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young have only been dating for five months, but the couple can already hear wedding bells in the future. The two were interviewed by Us Weekly, and Young talked about potentially getting married in Italy someday.

"I've never envisioned my wedding because I never met anyone that I wanted to get married to until Tarek," Young told the outlet. "But I have fallen in love with Italy and I would love to maybe do something in Italy ... I'm not one of those girls that have thought about it their whole life. I'm just really excited to see what happens in the future."

El Moussa gushed about Young in a recent Instagram post, in which he shared a photo of the two holding hands.

"Normally I like our privacy but when the paparazzi gets cute shots like this it makes me happy," he wrote. "The jet lag from our Europe trip is finally gone and I’m back to work! It was weird being in Europe, I found myself at peace. With the time difference, I wasn’t getting bombarded by phone calls and e-mails all day! That being said, by day 5 I missed work. I’m sick I know!

"I love this crazy busy life I live with @heatherraeyoung. She’s my everything and more than I could have asked for. Has anyone changed your life in the way that @heatherraeyoung changed mine? We all need support," he concluded.

Young went on to tell Us Weekly that she's not going to overthink a potential wedding until an engagement actually happens.

"Until that day happens, I'm not gonna really dive in and overthink anything and it's a decision that we'll make together and with our families and what makes the most sense," she said.

In an Instagram post of her own, Young recently shared how she met El Moussa.

"That day, I almost didn't even go to Newport Beach to meet my friends on their boat. And by chance the boat I was on was parked next to Tarek's boat, and my friend just happened to be on Tarek's boat, and I jumped over to say hi to her," she wrote. "Tarek turned around and introduced himself. And there you go our love story started.

"I never gave up on love &; I always kept an open mind when it came to dating. I just knew my person was out there somewhere and one day we would be brought together."