‘Tangled’ Star Claims Disney Turkey Legs Are Actually Emu

Zachary Levi, who is the voice of Flynn Rider on Disney’s Tangled, stopped by Conan to promote Tangled: The Series, and while there he made a shocking claim: That the turkey legs served at Disneyland are actually emu legs. “I have friends that work for Disneyland, and I was talking about how the turkey legs tasted more like ham than they taste like turkey, which was already befuddling, and they’re actually emu. A big old emu leg.”

Although this claim sounds like an urban legend, Conan thought maybe there’s something to it, perhaps explaining all those emus in wheelchairs he’s seen at the theme park. The Orlando Sentinel calls this “The Great Theme Park Turkey Leg Rumor,” with executive chef Robert Adams saying, “We hear that all the time. They’re real turkeys. It’s what they are.”

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