Tamron Hall Grieves the Loss of Her Dog May Luv: 'My Heart Is Broken'

Virginia Chamlee
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Tamron Hall/Instagram

Tamron Hall bid adieu to 2020 with sad news, sharing on Instagram that she had to say goodbye to her beloved 13-year-old pup May Luv earlier this week.

"Last night we said goodbye to my LOVE, May Luv," Hall wrote in the caption of a close-up shot of the black-and-white chihuahua on Wednesday. "Thank you Comforted Companions and Dr Alexis for being there for our girl and for the family. All dogs go to heaven and the diva will rule as she did here, my heart is broken but she is at peace."

The talk show host added a broken heart emoji in the caption.

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On Thursday, the 50-year-old host of the Tamron Hall Show shared another image of May Luv, who could be seen standing on her hind legs to play with Hall.

"Always holding me up on the days I needed her," Hall wrote beneath the photo.

In a video posted that same day, May could be seen running on the tarmac of what appeared to be a private airport.

"Leading me for 13 blessed years," Hall captioned the video. "Thank you May Luv unconditional love every mile every minute. My girl."

May was a fixture on Hall's Instagram account and often appeared in images advocating domestic violence awareness.

In one such image shared in October, Hall noted that May had been part of her family for 12 years: "On my good days and tough ones, she has offered me unconditional love. The thought of survivors of domestic violence forced to leave pets behind because shelters are not equipped to take them in is a heartbreaking reality not talked about enough."

May also paid visits to the set of Hall's eponymous talk show, even appearing on an episode dedicated to pets.

During the episode, which aired in March, Hall shared that she got May when she lived in Chicago and that the dog had become incredibly protective of both her and her son, Moses, snapping at those who got near either of them.

The pup could be seen with Moses in an October photo posted to Instagram.

In the photo, Moses appeared to be trying to walk the dog, will Hall jokingly questioning which one of the two was in charge.

"Who’s the boss? #moses or #mayluv ?" Hall captioned the photo. "Maybe both lol."

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Hall gave birth to Moses in April 2019, documenting her pregnancy — and her pets' reaction to it — on social media.

Since giving birth, Hall has since spoken openly about navigating life as a working mom.

“I’m not balancing it all,” she told PEOPLE in an August 2019 interview. “You know what, I said to someone the other day, I know people say, ‘How do you balance it?’ and I said, ‘I could try to find some cool quote to give you and make it look all tidy, but it’s not.’ ”

In a March 2020 cover story for Parents magazine, she elaborated on "mom guilt" and the online criticism she's received from those who say she should spend less time working.

The disapproval, Hall said, “usually comes from women who’ve been shamed themselves, so they pass it on.”

“It’s toxic. If you own your own space, then you don’t have to worry about mine,” she added.