Tampa Bay Lightning National Anthem Singer Hospitalized with COVID: 'Go Get Vaccinated'

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Tampa Bay Lightning's beloved home game national anthem singer Sonya Bryson-Kirksey has been hospitalized due to COVID-19.

The singer, who has been battling multiple sclerosis for years, contracted the Delta variant of the virus, her husband Jimmie Kirksey Jr. told FOX 13. According to her husband, she was also vaccinated.

Bryson-Kirksey, a former Air Force technical sergeant who has been with the team for over eight seasons, received an outpouring of prayers and well-wishes from members of the Tampa Bay Lightning community.

The Lightning's in-game host, Greg Host, shared a message on Twitter writing, "I need all my PRAYER WARRIORS to please take a moment and send positive, healing vibes to my Ebony, @SonniSings as she's dealing with some serious health matters currently. WE GOT YOU, MAMA!" alongside a photo of the two from a game.

"Spoke to her hubby Jimmie and she's doing OK, but she needs our positive vibes to get back to the powerhouse that she is!" he added in a follow-up message.

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One fan tweeted, "FULL SENDING energy, vibes, healing, good wishes and all positive things to @SonniSings right now!!! One thing is for sure: #BoltsNation WILL rally together to help our family!"

"We're with you, Lady. Sending all the positivity we've got your way. Stay strong and keep on fighting, you got this!" another person added.

In May, coach Jon Cooper applauded her for being a ball of life and light, adding that people love her not only because of her voice but because of her personality, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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Since the singer has been hospitalized, her husband told Fox 13 that she is using this time to urge others to be cautious and stay safe.

He told the outlet that, from her hospital bed, she told him to relay a simple message: "Go get vaccinated."

"She's wanting people to be aware that even with the shots you can still get it. At least the shots do help, like in her case. If she didn't have it, Lord knows it would have been worse," Kirksey Jr. added. "So, she's asking everyone to please get the shots. If not for yourself, but others."

"Sonya is fighting this, showing us that she is strong," friend Titus O'Neil told WFLA. "She will get through this."