The Talk - 'Top Gun: Maverick': Glen Powell Calls Working with Tom Cruise 'surreal'

In advance of this weekend's "Top Gun: Maverick" release, Glen Powell who plays Hangman, dishes on Tom Cruise and shares his review of the film. "It was just surreal. Tom always said when we started this whole process, it was going to be like hitting bullet with a bullet. The odds of pulling off a movie, where, you can say we beat the first. I'm not allowed to say that, but we'll let the audience be the judge. And I just feel so grateful that we hit it." Powell continues, "We shot this movie starting in the fall of 2018 to 2019, so in two years you can also forget what happens in a movie when you push the release date this far. But I'll also say, I've now seen it four times and I am on the edge of my seat every time. I've chewed off my fingernails over and over. I have nothing left. So, it gets better and better". He adds, "It was just, a really surreal experience building a role with your's a rare thing in Hollywood for people to honor their word as you guys all know, and Tom very much did that.