The Talk - Storm Reid Speaks Out on Racism; Calls it a 'heart problem'

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Actress Storm Reid visits "The Talk" and discusses Black History Month and reflects on what's been happening in the world right now. "It's hard. I feel like 2020 was incredibly difficult for me to grasp what was going on in the world. but right now, in the space that I'm in, I'm hopeful. We have a long way to go, but to see my peers, yourself, and so many people around me do so many great things." Reid adds, "Even though I do love Black History Month, I think it should be Black History Year because we're doing something every day to change the game." Reid explains how she views symptomatic racism. "I feel like it is so simple and so loaded at the same time, but I feel like it is a heart problem. It's something that is taught, and it's something that is inside, because nobody is born saying I don't like that person because of their skin color, or I'm going to treat someone a certain way because of their skin's all about choices and how you move through the world."