The Talk - Sharon Osbourne on 'second lockdown' After Another Covid Exposure

Wednesday on "The Talk" Sharon Osbourne reveals she's back at home experiencing her second Covid-19 self-quarantine. "I'm home today because one of the ladies that I work with at home has come down with Covid. So we're all on lockdown," Osbourne says. "She's doing okay, but can you believe it? This is my second lockdown. Second time around, girls." Carrie Ann Inaba reacts, "The most important thing is that you're safe and we want you to know that we're thinking of you and Ozzy and everyone at home today, take care of yourself. Also, I wanted to ask you, we saw Kelly is sporting an eye patch these days. What's going on there?" Osbourne reveals, "She was doing a show with Curtis Stone...She was getting ready, doing her mascara and she scratched her eye with the mascara wand. So, she had to go to the eye doctor, and it's quite amazing what they do. They put like this bandage on her eye, that's like a contact lens. It's amazing how they do it. But anyway, she's fine. She just looks like Madonna for the week."