The Talk - Sharon Osbourne: Prince William Wasn't 'wrong' Keeping COVID-19 Diagnosis Secret

Tuesday "The Talk" hosts react to Prince William keeping his COVID-19 diagnosis a secret. "You know what, you're damned if you, damned if you don't," says Sharon Osbourne. "His father, who is the future king, came down with the virus. So, if the future king, and the next future king both had it, there would have been a terrible black cloud over England. They mean so much to England...[it] would have just devastated people. He chose to keep it quiet. He has three little ones. You've got to remember that. And he did it his own way, very dignified, very quiet. And then he's come out and told. What is the big deal if he chose to have kept it within his own family? Sorry, I don't think he did anything wrong at all." Carrie Ann Inaba adds, "I'm sort of on the other side... he's a leader, and I would look to him to share it." Osbourne responds, "You had a prime minister, a future king and then the next future king... I get what you're saying, but can you imagine what it would have done, and the panic?"