The Talk - Shannen Doherty 'proud' of Critics Choice Award Nod for Breast Cancer Film

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Shannen Doherty reacts to receiving a Critics Choice Award nomination this morning for her Lifetime film "List of a Lifetime," which is very personal to her about a woman dealing with breast cancer. "I'm really, really, really proud of this movie. It was a labor of love. It was such an amazing, wonderful group of women who got together and told this story. I'm not the one who had the cancer in the movie. Kelly Hu who is the one with breast cancer [in film] just did a beautiful job. And it was such, I think wonderful way of telling what it's like to have breast cancer." Doherty adds, "We got the news this morning. We're already on text messages with each other planning what we are going to wear if we go to the award show. I'm blown away and I'm just incredibly proud." If she wins the award, Doherty shares who might get to keep it. "It would go to my mom's house honestly. I'd probably give it to my mom. She'd love it."