The Talk - Ross Butler on Anti-Asian Hate and Stereotypes

Friday on "The Talk" actor Ross Butler discusses his choice to no longer audition for Asian specific roles. "This was even six, seven yers ago, all Asian roles were stereotyped, and I didn't want to perpetuate that stereotype anymore because that didn't reflect who I was. I'm an Asian American. I wasn't born here, but I was raised here. And the thing that , you know, has it's transgressed over the last few years, before it was just changing what I though was an innocent stereotype to now. "We're starting to see it materialize into something that's not great. I'm sure you guys have seen a lot of the anti-Asian hate that's been going on." Butler adds, "I think this all does stem from something called 'the model minority myth,' and that's just another way of saying stereotype. And that Asian people are a superior minority and unfortunately that's just not true." Butler continues, "The sooner we can talk about these thing openly, the sooner we can get over a lot of the minority racism that we're experiencing. We're in this together. We're getting over racism together."