The Talk - Rita Moreno on Sex Talk with Jane Fonda; '80 for Brady' Locker Room Scene

Rita Moreno dishes on sex and getting up and close with some of Tom Brady's former teammates while filming "80 for Brady," alongside Jane Fonda. "I have a story to tell you. I don't want to shock anybody. So, this starts with Jane Fonda who asked me a very interesting question...she says, 'Rita, I know you're 90 now, so how do you feel about sex?' I said, 'Oh forget about it.' And she said, 'You know, I feel the same." Moreno adds, "Then two days later we went to do a scene in the locker room with some athletes who were of course are very involved in Tom's group. Julian Edelsten...I have a little scene with him. I won't say what it is because I sure don't want to give it away. As I entered this locker room with these guys who were bare chested, three of his guys from the team, Patriots...As I entered the room I went, [deep inhale] pheromones. And I said to Jane, 'Remember that question you asked me the other day? Ask me again.'"