The Talk - Rebecca Romijn Talks Motherhood & Marriage with Husband, Jerry O'Connell

Rebecca Romijn sits down with husband Jerry O'Connell for "The Talk's" special Mother's Day show. Jerry asks, "What is the best thing about being a mother to our daughters, Charlie and Dolly?" Rebecca shares, "Snuggling with them, getting hugs from them, getting to be a part of watching them become these incredibly complete people, getting to curate this world for them, introducing them to the music we want to introduce them to, introducing them to the movies, and books. It's an honor to raise them. They make me so proud." On losing her mother, she says, "It's incredibly sad. I was very, very close to my mom, Elizabeth. She was also a great mother. She was a real free spirit. She really nurtured my free spirit. She really encouraged me to think outside the box. She gave me roots and wings, and it's what I hope to do for Dolly and Charlie as well. She believed that children should have the power of choice because when you chose you own path you also learn about consequences, and it really makes for a very complete person.