The Talk - Rebecca Breeds on 'Clarice' Character 'pays homage' to Jodie Foster

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Rebecca Breed discusses her role in the new CBS crime drama "Clarice," an adaptation from the 1991 film, "Silence of the Lambs" starring Jodie Foster. "I think what's very exciting for me is that she's the hero of this story. We haven't heard her narrative. It's always been a very male-centric narrative," says Breeds. Originally from Sydney, Breeds shares how she got the Appalachian accent down. "Some accents are easier than others, thank God for the internet. There was a lot of YouTubing... and then, I did listen to Jodie's accent to see where she pitched it for the movie, because I really wanted to pay homage to her." She adds, I don't know, I have a musical ear and so I kind of hear and repeat. And it just kind of worked in my mouth, and not only that, it really brought the character home. The accent came and the character came with it."