The Talk - Ralph Macchio Shares Hopes For 'The Karate Kid' Broadway Version

Ralph Macchio visits "The Talk" Monday and dishes on the upcoming Broadway version of "The Karate Kid." Host and former Broadway performer Amanda Kloots shares, "'The Karate Kid' movies were one of Nick [Cordero] and I's favorite. And he was actually a part of an early Broadway reading of the musical 'The Karate Kid,' which he raved about. He would come home and he would tell me all about it, the scenes, the music, the script. He said it was incredible." "Following your story and Nick's story was so inspiring to my family and my daughter, who is in musical theatre as well," responds Macchio. "I knew of the affinity for 'The Karate Kid' and also that he was part of the early reading. It's in workshop form... I hear it's fantastic. I haven't seen it yet. I know it's been on pause right now with everything else with theatre. But all intentions are to get it back up on Broadway, and that would just be more icing on this amazing cake that 'The Karate Kid' universe has brought to the world."